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ScorePlay provides brands with dedicated access to their partners’ content for a seamless cross-sport collaboration and automated distribution to retailers.

How AS Monaco uses ScorePlay for partners and brands.

Cross-sport platform access.

For brands that are involved with many sports partners, cross-sports platform access is essential for an efficient and coherent content strategy. Whether football, rugby or golf, all your content is accessible in a few clicks.

  • AI-tagging from your sports organizations means instant content access.

  • Merge all your clients into one centralized library.

  • Smart search engine gives you complete control.

Retailer distribution

Brands are often between their partners and their retailers as their partnerships are two-sided: their biggest ambassadors and their biggest revenue-drivers. ScorePlay makes this distribution automatic.

  • Instant and automatic distribution to relevant retailers.

  • Streamlined collaboration with Projects.

  • Analytics give you an in-depth view of content usage.

ScorePlay for brands.

ScorePlay is an AI-powered digital asset management software that is connecting the sports media ecosystem. From photographers, to marketing teams, clubs, athletes, leagues, broadcasters and brands.

  • AI-powered automations for fast action.

  • Powerful and flexible search engine.

  • Designed and built for and by sports.

What brands are saying.

We are delighted to use ScorePlay to centralise all our marketing assets, making them easily sharable to our most important partners but also Kappa licensees all over the world. Collaboration between Kappa and our partners has never been easier.

Remy Valette
Sports Marketing Manager - Kappa

Everything you need for your brand.

Retailer access

Give your retailers access to the content they need to get the best return on your partnership. Dedicated and automated.

Time saver

Save time, money and resources by centralizing all your assets into a single media workspace through AI - from all your partners.

Cross-sport customization

Media workflows tailored to brands. Add your teams and get direct access to your mutual content immediately from your platform.


Follow detailed analytics of exactly how your assets and brand are being used on a global scale, from partner to retailer.

Dedicated apps

Use the Admin App to access your content on the go and never lose a moment with cloud-based technology.


Permissions management gives the admin full autonomy over who can do what within your workspace, and you control your content.

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