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For esports. By esports.

ScorePlay is adapted to the media needs of esports, with integrated gaming calendars, distribution to gamers, internal teams and partners for seamless collaboration with media assets.

Leverage the influence of your players & partners

Esport teams are always looking to amplify their brand and benefit from their players’ marketing value. From practice to tournaments or special events, these assets need to be organized.

  • AI-tagging to classify assets automatically.

  • Automatic distribution via dedicated mobile app.

  • Event calendar integration.


Find any media in seconds with our smart search engine.

ScorePlay saves organizations time by automating the classification of your entire library of assets so you can focus on what you do best: creating, producing and engaging.

  • Visual library of content made for creation.

  • Powerful and flexible search engine.

  • Archive migration and classification.

A solution perfectly suited for esports. 

In keeping with our approach, working at an early stage with teams such as Team BDS and AS Monaco eSports has allowed us to tailor the platform perfectly for the esports workflow. Every feature we have designed for them has made their life easier, their content better, and their brand bigger.

  • Stream recordings via RTMP.

  • Live mode to collect real-time assets.

  • AI-detection of players and partners.


What our users are saying.

ScorePlay has really improved my workflows. It used to be a bit chaotic before because we have so many different athletes and each plays a different game and has different needs for content. ScorePlay simplified all that.

Baptiste HuriezHead of communication & digital, Team BDS

+200% player social media posting
100 hours a month saved on tagging and distribution

We chose ScorePlay to bring simplicity and efficiency to our internal photo processing processes. It also brings new creative perspectives, beginning with direct ingestion of our resources via the FTP connector directly from the photographer's camera.

Christophe Dureau from Team Vitality
Christophe Dureau
Head of Creation, Team Vitality

Everything you need for your squad.

Time saver

Save time, money and resources by centralizing your assets into a single media workspace through AI.


Media workflows tailored to esports. Add your teams and players and let the AI do the heavy lifting.

Live workflows

Use live mode so your photographers’ cameras feed assets directly onto the platform via FTP, SRT or RTMP.

  • Try for free.

  • Personalized onboarding.

  • Dedicated customer service representative.

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