Facilitating the LNB’s Digital Transformation

Rafael Molina Harno

March 21, 2024

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Back in September 2023, the French professional basketball league, Ligue Nationale de Basket (LNB), partnered with ScorePlay to optimize the league's media infrastructure. Six months later, the impact of this digital transformation is evident. ScorePlay's digital asset management solution has helped not only how the league and its teams manage their digital content but also their relationship with their broadcaster, SKWEEK. The accessibility of content for every user is unparalleled and significantly boosts fan engagement across digital platforms.

Digital Challenges Demand Innovative Solutions

As a leader in French professional basketball, LNB strives to be at the cutting edge of innovation, both on and off the court. To achieve this, LNB and their official broadcaster, SKWEEK, have adopted ScorePlay to enable the fastest real-time workflows in the league for photos, videos, live broadcasts, and even supplementary programming.

The primary challenge was managing and distributing a growing volume of content each season. Additionally, providing real-time content access to athletes, teams, and their partners was crucial to enhance fan engagement by sharing the right content at the right moments. These elements are essential for increasing a league's brand value and reach.

ScorePlay provided a comprehensive solution tailored to the sports industry's needs, introducing real-time workflows in collaboration with SKWEEK. This innovation made broadcasted games and highlights instantly accessible, greatly enhancing the league's digital footprint and boosting fan engagement across both digital and linear channels. All broadcasting operations are now centralized, ensuring immediate content access throughout the ecosystem - different types of users were created on LNB’s platform to determine different permission levels, from SKWEEK to other media partners such as L’Equipe, who work with the league daily. All assets can be uploaded and the automatic rules of each user will ensure the correct automatic distribution.

This efficiency is partly due to ScorePlay's AI facial recognition technology, which facilitates automated tagging, indexing, and player searching. These capabilities are linked to action logs and game events through data integrations, streamlining live content clipping and posting. Additionally, our video content creation process is expedited by an automatic, multilingual speech-to-text feature, which aids in identifying key moments within video transcriptions. This is complemented by our Tray feature, which simplifies the creation of video compilations.

Key Highlights:

  • Mutual Impact: ScorePlay's solution has markedly improved how LNB and its teams collaborate with content. The platform enhances the two-way distribution channels between league and teams and players, and vice versa.
  • Innovative Solutions for Digital Challenges: The adoption of ScorePlay by LNB and SKWEEK has introduced the fastest real-time workflows for managing diverse media content in the league.
  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: The strategic content management and distribution facilitated by ScorePlay have significantly increased fan engagement across digital and linear channels.
  • Centralized Broadcasting Operations: ScorePlay also centralized SKWEEK’s in-house editorial production (LNB’s broadcaster), providing seamless content access to their internal teams and key partners.
  • Advanced Technological Features: Features like AI facial recognition, automated tagging, and a multilingual speech-to-text facility streamline content management and enhance video content creation.

A clear return on investment

In addition to the numerous accolades from league officials, teams, and athletes regarding the intuitiveness and ease of use of ScorePlay's platform in real-time, which has revolutionized the digital ecosystem of French basketball, the statistics are equally impressive.

ScorePlay's platform has housed over 94,706 media assets for LNB, resulting in over 12,000 downloads. The volume of content generated by both the LNB and its teams is remarkable, with more than 275 organic posts: these posts have attracted over 1.7 million engagements and generated 16.4 million impressions in just six months, a marked increase on the previous 6 months.

Key Highlights:

  • User Satisfaction: High praise for the platform's real-time usability and its transformative impact on the digital landscape of French basketball.
  • Extensive Media Library: Over 94,706 media assets stored on the LNB platform, highlighting the extensive use of the platform.
  • Significant Downloads: The stored media assets have seen 10,985 downloads, indicating active engagement with the content.
  • Robust Content Creation: The LNB and its teams have produced over 275 organic posts, demonstrating a prolific content creation effort.
  • Impressive Engagement and Reach: These posts have achieved over 1.7 million engagements and 16.4 million impressions, underscoring the substantial impact on the audience in a short period.

Beyond the league's extensive internal user base, ScorePlay's app boasts over 216 active athletes, facilitating the exchange of media assets and amplifying the league's visibility through their shared followings. This not only contributes to the personal brand growth of the athletes but also enhances the return on investment for partnerships.

Clubs have successfully expanded their digital presence by timely posting viral-worthy moments and engaging with fans. For instance, Paris Basketball accessed over 10,137 media assets, leading to more than 1,027 downloads. This strategic content management translated into significant engagement on their Instagram account.

ScorePlay, in partnership with the LNB, has redefined asset management standards within sports leagues. Our platform extends beyond merely enhancing the efficiency of internal teams; it enables leagues, teams, and other sports organizations to not only nurture their existing fan base but also to expand it further. The opportunity for innovative solutions and a comprehensive platform that meets all needs is present, and ScorePlay is committed to delivering it.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay, with our cutting-edge Pulse product, redefines the landscape of media solutions, particularly in the realm of Production Asset Management (PAM). Our platform excels in streamlining and enhancing workflows by centralizing, distributing, and categorizing an extensive range of digital assets, including photos, videos, and live broadcasts. Pulse uniquely facilitates live broadcast ingestions, allowing for real-time clipping and advanced cropping functionalities. This empowers users to effortlessly create and auto-produce compilations, highlights, and sequences, simplifying what was once a complex process.

We are at the forefront of transforming sports organizations by automating their creative workflows, thereby elevating their brand presence and paving the way for new revenue opportunities. Pulse serves as the conduit to the future of sports storytelling, seamlessly bridging the gap from initial content capture to ultimate fan engagement. Our guiding principle is straightforward yet impactful: Automate to streamline processes, Grow to enhance brand visibility, and Unlock to discover new revenue potentials. With Pulse, the future of sports media is not just envisioned; it's actively shaped and realized. Our mantra is simple: Automate. Grow. Unlock.

Photo Credit: LNB
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