Product Overview

Your history. Tagged.

All your archives, in one central hub. Completely searchable. In seconds.

Automatic AI tagging

We automatically add your old rosters and Collections (Matchs, competitions) thanks to our Sportradar integration, so you can find every key moment in your team’s digitalized history.

  • Facial recognition is designed for sports content, tagging every athlete.

  • Text recognition for your all important sponsors & partners.

  • Smart search engine means every tag is searchable, in seconds.

Integrate with previous tools

Whether you used PhotoShelter, Dropbox, Google Drive or on-prem storage, we import your organization’s history in days. We’ll replicate your previous taxonomy so that nothing is lost.

  • Auto-create Collections based on previous structure.

  • IPTC metadata ingested and displayed as ScorePlay tags.

  • Create a searchable library of your history with a powerful elastic search engine.

AI-powered search engine

Once we classify everything, we create an AI-powered search engine that makes all of your content searchable. Combine tags, add custom filters, search by season, Collection, athlete, partner and more. In seconds.

  • Elastic search engine where you can search and combine by tags (sports, team, Collections, athletes, VIPs, partners, etc.).

  • Number of athletes in asset (e.g., 0 players, more than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+, including X and Y player, including X and Y player, but not Z player etc.).

  • Intelligent search (suggested tags, groups, number of assets per tag/s, manual tags).

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