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Rafael Molina Harno

November 15, 2022

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A content distribution software and media asset manager are crucial to being able to follow social media trends in sports. For clubs, fan engagement is most important during games, and Orlando City are a great example with how they compliment their real time workflows by using ScorePlay, an all-in-one media hub.

Real-time with ScorePlay

All our clients are able to connect their cameras through FTP so that they can feed their photos directly through to the platform and save countless wasted time on getting content to the social media team as fast as possible. We also provide live broadcast and stream integration so that all our clients are able to get their video content in real time too, with certain trends in sports highlighting the need for short-form content amid the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels. Now, we’ll see how Orlando City photographer and videographer, Mark Thor uses ScorePlay to complement his MLS matchday workflow.

Step 1: Mark connects his camera to ScorePlay’s FTP server.

Step 2: He selects the photos from his camera, downloads them and edits them on the spot before live loading them into Live Mode.

Step 3: The AI runs on the photographs and everything is distributed to the correct players and partners. It really is that simple.

Within 2 minutes, all their assets can be used on social media. That’s why Orlando chose ScorePlay.

Matchday workflow play-by-play

Step 1: Roll out the red carpet

Four hours before kickoff, Mark arrives and is ready for the arrival of Orlando’s biggest stars. As kick off approaches, empty stadium shots and videos of the dressing room are posted to get people excited, whether on Twitter or Instagram stories. With the use of the Admin app, the photos can be easily forwarded to the marketing team after editing, and shared with the players through the Athlete app. This content is crucial to capturing the pre-match buzz on social media.

Step 2: Final countdown

Whether it’s the perfectly lit training ground shot, or press conference snaps of their favourite player, football is no longer just about what happens on the pitch. As the excitement builds, Mark offers content that shows players warming up, getting their head in the game, and readying themselves for the final countdown before the game. Fan usage of social media before and after games has skyrocketed over the past few years as more and more fans use their second screen to follow games alongside their big one.

Step 3: Half-time hope

Behind at half-time, Orlando shared a picture of their illustrious number 10 Mauricio Pereyra alongside his Uruguayan compatriot Nicolás Lodeiro, who previously played together at Nacional. One of the best features on the ScorePlay platform is the ability to search specifically for a player after the AI has run. Type in a name, and away you go. Add in a partner, or another player, match, photographer and more, to refine your search even more.

Step 4: Short-form video

As they mount their comeback against Seattle Sounders, Orlando decide to post the goal that brings them back to 2-1 and turns the game on its head. ScorePlay offers video features that allow them to immediately clip a longer video into a short clip - easily post-able and highly engaging. Whether broadcasting or live streaming, ScorePlay allows you to record live files directly in your library. Easily clippable, AI-tagged and usable.

Step 5: Comeback kids

As the game finishes with a 91st minute winner from Kyle Smith, the time comes to celebrate. A shot of Antonio Carlos holding up 3 fingers is the perfect opportunity to show off the three points they just stole off Seattle Sounders. Within 5 minutes of the shot being taken, it can be posted on social media and capture the post match fever of excitement.

Step 6: Post-match celebrations

Mickey, the social media coordinator, also gives credit to the manager: a shot of Papi Oscar as he celebrates with his backroom staff after the thrilling end to the game. As the match winds down, every asset is distributed automatically to each player and partner through the ScorePlay App as they are tagged by the AI.

Step 7: Rest up

As the celebrations die down and fans get to sleep, Mark and Mickey can too, with the all the usual manual work they used to do, done automatically. The photos are classed into the correct Collection, the players are tagged and have their photos on their phones.

Numbers overview and workflow:

During a game, Orlando stay very active on socials and use ScorePlay to be active rather than reactive. Across the day, these are the stats:

Instagram: 12 posts (10 photos, 2 videos)

Twitter: 30 posts (11 videos, 12 pictures/graphics)

Scoreplay: 45 player downloads / 566 media assets added to platform

‘ScorePlay has been such a valuable addition to our Marketing & Comms efforts. It's hands down, some of the best client services of any company we worked with. A must for anyone in the market.’ - Jackie Maynard, Senior Director of Communications, Orlando City

About ScorePlay

A media hub like ScorePlay not only allows real time content creation during games but acts as a dynamic tool that helps every internal team work more efficiently and faster every day, and is the absolute best way to share photos and videos with a group of athletes and foster sports engagement. With our AI, photos and videos are shared directly to partners and athletes, this means they are instantly accessible. Saving time not only means that you are getting more from every creative asset in your MAM library but you’re also actively spending more time on creating the best possible assets to amplify your brand. Every ScorePlay user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting. Storytelling simplified and collaborative photo sharing made easy.

Start your 14-day free trial today to supercharge your live media workflows.

Photo credit: Orlando City
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