Product Overview

Designed for sports.
Built for live.

Designed and built for real-time & live workflows.


FTP & RTMP live ingestion

ScorePlay was designed for real-time workflows, so we’ve designed a tool that no matter the format, your content will be accessible immediately, from FTP, RTMP broadcast ingestion, distribution and social media feed.

  • All your photos direct from your photographers via FTP server.

  • Live broadcast ingestion via RTMP in broadcast quality.

  • Broadcast contextualization via Opta integration

Live photo & video distribution

Real-time ingestion needs to be accompanied by real-time distribution for the best sports media workflows and content strategies.

  • Live distribution with AI-tagging of athletes, received directly on the App.

  • Real-time highlights, with WSC Sports Integration.

  • Live partner distribution directly to their portal.


Live fan engagement

Leagues and competitions were looking for solutions for real-time engagement from their clubs and athletes, so we built the social media feed.

  • Push content to your clubs directly through the ScorePlay platform.

  • Receive behind-the-scenes directly from your clubs, athletes, and social media managers to real-time engagement with fans.

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