AI: How does it work?

Samy Ait-Hellal

November 22, 2022

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At ScorePlay, we’re obsessed with finding pain points in content workflows to refine and improve sports visual storytelling and digital strategy. Every new client and every new sport is an opportunity to learn how to better manage and distribute digital assets. Our product evolution is fuelled by your bottlenecks, and we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make it easy for you to access and use your content no matter where you are. AI automates. AI escalates. AI scales. AI saves time and creates solutions for your content strategy.

What AI brings to your strategy

1. AI saves your organisation a lot of time

Imagine all the manual work going into tagging thousands of assets. With the help of AI, you’re able to replace all those mindless tasks with auto-tagging, enabling you to work smarter and much faster. With AI finding what you need is easy, whether it’s a photo from the match yesterday or from the oldest archives. No need to go from folder to folder trying to find the right content, our Collection-based structure coupled with AI means that you can focus on what matters. All you need to do is a simple AI search & voila - because time (read: content) is money.

2. AI helps increase ROI for every asset

With AI auto-tagging & dedicated apps, players receive their content automatically and in real-time, being only one click away from sharing it with their online community. This means that you can leverage their influence to grow your online brand. You can now also provide a dedicated library of curated content to your partners and simplify media collaboration with AI automation. With proof of a much larger visibility to your partners, you can quantify value addition and improve your sponsor relations & packages, all done automatically using AI.

3. AI enables consistency

On a smaller scale, consistency around tags doesn’t seam like a big deal. But if you’re in sports with an ever-evolving social demand, it’s important to find the perfect content quickly. Auto-tagging with AI means that you can find all the media related to a player or sponsor in one go - they’ll always be tagged under the same name. No more searching for first names, last names or nicknames. You have all related content curated at one place, once again, thanks to AI.

4. AI for a robust & scalable media library

AI working together with metadata makes your entire library easily accessible and has the power to form the base for all your content operations. Not just finding the perfect content when you need it, but also simplifying collaboration within your organisation and externally all with the help of AI. Add to that the formation of marketplaces - using your tagged library to build curated packages of content available for licensing for media buyers, and leveraging ease-of-access and DRM tooling to scale the licensing of your brand. Your media library can now grow along with your brand, ensuring you never miss out on the potential of valuable content and creating an easy AI-powered revenue stream.

5. AI enhances your visual storytelling and real-time workflows

A media hub like ScorePlay not only allows real time content creation during games but acts as a dynamic tool that helps every internal team work more efficiently and faster every day with the use of AI, and is the absolute best way to share photos and videos with a group of athletes and foster sports engagement. With our AI, photos and videos are shared directly to partners and athletes, this means they are instantly accessible. Right from the moment it’s clicked by the photographer to when it’s posted on your player’s social media, the workflows are automated with the help of AI. Saving time not only means that you are getting more from every creative asset in your MAM library but you’re also actively spending more time on creating the best possible assets to amplify your brand.


Put simply, metadata helps you organise your media library by adding meaning to them using keywords. It enables you to easily search through your assets, which you can then share with your stakeholders. Using these keywords, you no longer need to search through billions of folders. Photographers & content teams have been facing this problem for years: manually tagging all photos is an annoying and cumbersome task that takes way too much time for any team to be productive.

ScorePlay allows you to add players & sponsors with their names and headshots, which means that after every upload, the relevant keywords (tags) are associated and attached to the photos, making them instantly searchable and shareable.

The beauty of AI

Imagine the workflow during a game. Your photographer uploads photos using FTP directly to the platform. Because of the names and headshots of players that have already been added to the platform, our AI runs through the data and connects similar matches with an incredibly high accuracy. It scans every inch of every asset (photo and video) and tracks faces, kits, partners and text. For assets where certain faces or partners are obscured too much, the AI is set to ignore them so that your athletes and partners only receive the best possible content where their brand has high visibility and clarity.

Furthermore, our Collection-based taxonomy means that the rest of the useful information, like Collection name, date, or whether you’re playing home or away, is all added automatically, enriching your media assets with all the necessary tags in seconds. From the pitch-side camera to enriched and usable content at your fingertips in seconds, our AI makes life easy for you.

What the AI sees

If you want to be part of the future of sports media, this is the place to be. Start your free trial today, and without any commitment, we promise this will be the tool you want to use to take your organisation forward. Faster. Automated. Time-saving. Brand growing.

Be efficient. Be creative. Be ScorePlay.

Photo credit: AS Monaco
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