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Rafael Molina Harno

June 5, 2024

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New York City, 05.06.2024 — ScorePlay and Zoomph are thrilled to unveil a partnership set to redefine digital and media asset management, and social impact measurement for sports organizations. This collaboration highlights the transformative potential for sports teams to elevate their media workflows with automation and measure their expanded brand presence on social platforms.

ScorePlay brings to the table its expertise in streamlining creative processes within the sports sector, complemented by Zoomph's prowess in analyzing and enhancing brand engagement on social media. Together, they aim to change the way sports entities manage content and evaluate their digital success and return on investment. New York City FC joined a group of MLS clubs in adopting ScorePlay as their comprehensive media workspace, streamlining workflows across photo and video so they could focus on creation, and automate their distribution to key stakeholders like athletes and partners. Using Zoomph to analyze their social media performance over the past six months has yielded impressive results.

A Narrative of Success

  • Impressive Metrics: In the past six months, New York City FC have posted almost 2,500 times on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with a rise in their engagement rate.
  • Cross-organization usage: over 60 different users from New York City FC connect and use ScorePlay weekly for their differing media needs.
  • Social Value: Zoomph estimates these metrics' Social Value at over $2.1 million.
  • Athlete Engagement: Utilizing the ScorePlay Athlete App, New York City Football Club players downloaded over 3,000 assets in 6 months, with 86% of them using it daily.
  • Case & Partner Analysis: A clarity analysis of partner logos, allows New York City FC to access the performance of their best posts, and the value attributed to their partner logos.

Data taken from Zoomph Benchmark & ScorePlay platform.

ScorePlay leads in providing digital asset management solutions, enhancing the storytelling and revenue avenues for sports organizations. The partnership with Zoomph signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sports media, combining seamless media management with in-depth social analytics to drive strategy and growth.

“Our collaboration with Zoomph showcases the crucial synergy between storytelling innovation and analytics in fan engagement and brand development,” Victorien Tixier, CEO. 

"Content is commerce, the collaboration with ScorePlay represents a pivotal step forward in how sports teams leverage brand partnerships with digital assets across content and storytelling. We are excited to be joining efforts and combining creative media management with next level insights in a seamless experience,"  Amir Zonozi, CEO at Zoomph.

About Zoomph:

Zoomph excels in broadcast, streaming and social media analytics, delivering invaluable insights into performance and audience engagement for brands, leagues, teams and media.

About ScorePlay:

ScorePlay pioneers in sports media management, enhancing content workflows and broadening digital reach, thereby empowering organizations to explore new narratives.

Contact Information:

Zoomph:, Chief Product Officer

ScorePlay:, Head of Marketing

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