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Rafael Molina Harno

November 11, 2022

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Sharing photos with large groups is a difficult task, but it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to do so. There are many challenges to consider, such as private sharing, collecting photos from groups, and sharing with athletes. This article will explore the best way to privately share photos online with large groups of athletes and partners.

Key Points to Consider When Sharing Photos

Finding the right way to privately share photos with groups can be difficult, especially when having to consider all the potential options that should be able to achieve the goal. To make it easier to compare the various online photo sharing solutions, we've put together this list that objectively evaluates their strengths to suit your objectives and organisational needs for your sports organisation.

1. Security

Sharing photos, especially private ones that have an embargo date, requires a high degree of security. For sports organisations and brands, it is important to consider this when selecting a photo distribution option. Easier access may come with a compromise in security, so it is important to be aware of this when creating an account.

2. Customisation

It is essential to understand the flexibility of a photo sharing system. Depending on the situation, varying levels of access may be required when sharing photos with a group. This ensures that each party only has access to the photo assets they should, rather than a complete access to the sports brand's entire photo gallery. Alternatively, a business may decide to allow someone full access. Additionally, certain individuals may need permission to share their photos back to the company, while others do not have this privilege.

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3. Scalability

As the group grows and the number of photos increases, will the group photo distribution method be able to keep up? This is especially relevant for sports organisations; some of the methods may handle a small group and small number of photos, but scalability becomes a complex network of links, accounts, and deeply nested folders. Can your solution handle all your teams and also distribute to partners?

4. Intelligence

Metadata, or information stored inside a photo file, can make it easier to share photos with groups. Smart AI systems can be used to search for and automatically distribute the photos. With metadata, users can create keyword-based searches and organise photos by usage rights. For businesses dealing with lots of pictures, protecting metadata should be a top concern when selecting a photo-sharing method. Furthermore, the best solutions use AI to tag athletes and partners automatically to streamline the process of sharing photos. Both classification and distribution should be automatic.

5. Analytics

When it comes to sharing photos, what is the best way to ensure that the intended recipients actually view, download, or share them? For sports organisations, this knowledge is particularly critical in order to ascertain that the effort put into creating the images is worthwhile. Which athlete loves their celebration shots? Which one will always want photos to celebrate their teammate’s birthday?

All these points point to some clear learnings. You don’t want to be using instant messaging as it simply isn’t scalable, and you lose so much quality on your assets. Not particularly intelligent either. And forget your analytics. Google photos or Dropbox could work if you’re a small sports organisation, but simply put - they aren’t made for the most innovative sports organisations in the world.

Sharing Photos (and Videos) with Groups with ScorePlay

That’s why sports organisations that need to share media assets at scale depend on ScorePlay.

  • It’s the only all-in-one media hub that is specifically for sports, by sports - from FTP connection, to AI automatic tagging of your athletes and partners for automatic distribution, no one comes close.
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  • It’s completely customisable — from custom users to permission settings, roles and onboarding options - ScorePlay has been designed for 15 different sports and every new client invites a new workflow and way of working. Your platform. Your way.
  • It’s security and backups are meant for the best.
  • The analytics give you a full overview of how it is being used across your organisation and by your athletes and partners.

About ScorePlay

The centralisation, classification and distribution of sports media assets needs to be consolidated on a single platform for a seamless real-time experience free of manual bottlenecks. Long has the sports media landscape relied on a variety of tools that crowd creative teams and disrupt a logical efficient workflow (from PhotoShelter, Dropbox or Newsbridge for storage, and Greenfly for distribution). The new generation of sports fans demand social-media-ready content in real-time as they consume, and having an all-in-one solution allows sports organisations to be reactive, versatile and adept in their content strategy.

ScorePlay automates the centralisation, classification and distribution of assets with AI. A media hub built for the sports industry. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting, from club-photographer content, to UGC all through ScorePlay Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo and video sharing made easy.

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