Product Overview

Smart. Automatic. AI.

The only Artificial Intelligence designed and tested exclusively by and for sports organizations. Find your content in seconds.


Automatic AI tagging

Our AI makes us completely automatic, from content indexation, all the way to distribution to athletes and partners.

  • Facial recognition has been honed by years working on sports content, tagging every player, and distributing accordingly.

  • Text recognition for your all important partners.

  • Smart search engine means every tag is searchable, in seconds.

A new dawn of content classification

We got rid of folders and created an entirely new taxonomy based on events. Automatically generated. Automatic metadata.

  • With our Sportradar integration, we already have all your events. Whether from FTP, RTMP or direct upload, everything is classified automatically.

  • If you need a separate ‘folder’, use Projects, for ultimate internal and external collaboration.

  • Use our rule engine to automate distribution too (e.g., If X player and Y partner visible, distribute to Y partner, but not to Z partner).


AI-powered search engine

Once we classify everything using AI, we create an AI-powered search engine that makes all of your content searchable.

  • Elastic search engine where you can search and combine by tags (sports, team, events, athletes, VIPs, partners, etc.).

  • Number of athletes in asset (e.g., 0 players, more than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+, including X and Y player, including X and Y player, but not Z player etc.).

  • Intelligent search (suggested tags, groups, number of assets per tag/s, manual tags).

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