Product Overview

Tell stories. Collaborate.

ScorePlay makes internal and external collaboration
seamlessly simple.


Everyone on the same wavelength

With an all-in-one media hub, we bring all your internal media users into one space. Whether internal or external, ScorePlay simplifies collaboration and saves teams time.

  • Time saved with automatic classification and distribution to players and partners.

  • Asset specific workspaces for comments, review and approvals.

  • Customizable user types for role-specific media usage.

ScorePlay Pulse

Our all-in-one product for leagues and competitions to provide streamlined workflows between every stakeholder. From club, to league, to broadcaster, to athletes and partners. And back again.

  • A single media hub where all content from a competition is sourced.

  • Seamless flow of content thanks to multi-platforms, FTP, broadcast ingestion via RTMP and more.

  • Media collaboration simplified with one central hub accessible by everyone, with tailored user types for a customized setup.


Multi-platform access

Multi-platforms allows simple pushing and receiving of content from one platform to another, with just one login needed.

  • Ideal for a league or competition setup where you want to send and receive content from your clubs and broadcaster.

  • Perfect for brands who sponsor several clubs or teams, such as Kappa.

  • Seamless UI makes it easy for any type of user to take advantage.

Pitch perfect Projects

Projects bring collaboration to the next level, with time-based comments, statuses, and both internal and external collaboration.

  • Move your raw assets from media library to Projects as the first step towards a polished piece of content.

  • Invite colleagues and external collaborators to review, comment, etc.

  • Once approved, publish to your library, share to external parties, configure permissions.


Pen-tested permissions

Permissions on the ScorePlay platform are completely customizable and granular for your perfect setup, from user types, tag-based rules, and asset specific embargoes or permissions.

  • Permissions system on the level of individual assets, Projects and Collections.

  • Can be customized and made available to certain User Types.

  • User types are completely customizable with thousands of possibilities.

Stop wasting time on tasks ScorePlay's AI can do.

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