Product Overview

Complete control
over your content.

Fully customized permissions. Automate your digital rights management with ScorePlay.


Granular permissions

Permissions on the ScorePlay platform are completely customizable and granular for your perfect setup, from user types, tag-based rules, and asset specific embargoes to permissions.

  • Permissions system on the level of individual assets, Projects and Collections.

  • Can be customized and made available to certain User Types.

  • AI-rules engine for even more customization.

Unlimited account types

Customize your user types with thousands of different possibilities. Every aspect of the website can be toggled on or off, so whether you’re giving access to your intern, or a journalist, you keep control.

  • Default account types get you off to a fast start.

  • Customisable account types give you complete control.

  • Super admins can control every account type easily.

Digital rights management trusted by the world's best

With our sophisticated Digital Rights Management, you can keep total control over your digital strategy and your content, from permissions, privacy, embargoes and more.

  • Set embargoes on your content until release date.

  • Protect your content with copyright expiration dates.

  • Track where your content is being used.

Learn more about our DRM.

  • Try for free.

  • Personalized onboarding.

  • Dedicated customer service representative.

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