Product Overview

External collaboration.

External stakeholders play a huge role in media asset usage. Whether partners, sponsors, media or broadcasters, ScorePlay has you covered.

Partners and sponsors

ScorePlay was designed with every stakeholder in mind, and none more than partners and sponsors. We automated that flow.

  • Automatic partner and sponsor recognition means they are tagged in your content and receive their content automatically.

  • Dedicated partner portal gives them their own access to ScorePlay, and analytics for tracking.

  • Brands who partner with several ScorePlay clients can access all of their content from one single platform. Discover ScorePlay for brands.

Powering your relationship with broadcasters.

With ScorePlay Pulse, broadcasters also get easy access to content through the platform. Whether via RTMP live broadcast ingestion, or simply access to a league, organization or club’s content.

  • Specialized access to curated content made specifically for your broadcasters and produced by community managers.

  • Seamless push and receive automation, so everyone experiences a smooth media workflow.

  • Live broadcast ingestion via SRT & RTMP, so live broadcasts can be stored directly on the platform and accessed or clipped immediately.

Media & press outlets

Foster your media relationships and tournament coverage by giving easy access to your media contacts with tailored permissions you choose.

  • Create your tailored account type for each contact.

  • Share automatically by using tag-rule engine.

  • Add custom watermarks to make sure your content is never mis-used.

Improve your partnerships

increase in EMV & brand reach

of partners logging in weekly

partner downloads

Learn more about external users.

  • Try for free.

  • Personalized onboarding.

  • Dedicated customer service representative.

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