New York City FC Case Study

Mariana Soares

June 19, 2024

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In August 2023, New York City FC officially signed with ScorePlay. Over the subsequent seven months, their processes were automated, transforming how content was distributed to partners, and athletes. Taking a look at numbers, the results were worth diving into.

Team that never sleeps

From internal Content & Design and Partnerships teams to Photographer and Partners, New York City FC’s ScorePlay platform hosts over 32,000 media assets and over 60 different users have access to them. ScorePlay automatically tags players and partners in content, allowing for better indexation and search for the correct assets.

"ScorePlay has revolutionized our content management processes, automatically tagging and indexing every asset has significantly reduced the time spent on manual tasks. This efficiency boost allows our creative team to focus more on content quality and storytelling, what fans care about the most." Katie Cahalin, Senior Manager, Photography & Content @ New York City FC

The impact of this access became evident with the publication of over 2,500 posts across various social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, amassing over $2.1 million on the accounts social value and an approximate engagement rate of 1.27%, higher than the 1% registered in the previous period (via Zoomph).

When looking at the post with the highest number of impressions, they were mainly posted on either Facebook or Instagram, attributing value to the post including photos and videos. This efficiency enables clubs to publish more content while using fewer resources on the manual aspects of content creation. By saving time on these tasks, clubs can focus on creativity and strategizing ways to enhance their connection with fans.

In this post highlighting Julián Fernández's inaugural MLS goal, New York City FC achieved more than 2.28 million impressions and a 3.56% follower interaction rate, with nearly 300 shares. Fans yearn for a deeper connection with their favorite teams and athletes, and significant milestones like a player's first goal for their beloved team tend to be very popular.

Modern challenges require modern solutions

In this Instagram post, New York City FC can gather insights on how partners such as Etihad Airways and Capital Rx are deriving value from each post. By evaluating the clarity and size, the social value of the post can be adjusted to match the estimated return each partner can anticipate and account for. Take a look at the analysis of a post below, powered by Zoomph:

"Incorporating Zoomph and ScorePlay into our daily operations has been a game-changer in enabling collaboration at the highest levels possible. We have shifted from having just 1-2 power users, to over two dozen users across four different departments, frequently accessing and leveraging the platforms. Further, the detailed analytics and insights have empowered us to make data-driven decisions more swiftly than ever before.” Scott Lewis, VP, Business Intelligence @ New York City FC

Ensuring that partners can easily access content is crucial for streamlining their workflow. It is equally important to accurately measure and assign specific value to the assets used in different situations. ScorePlay’s Athlete App and distribution automations allow more branded content to fill the ecosystem, driving mutual value for both the team and the brand involved.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay is your best-in-class media solution that provides an automated architecture to centralize, distribute, and classify your digital assets, whether photos, videos, or live broadcasts. We are transforming sports organizations, automating their creative processes, growing their brands and unlocking new revenue. We are the bridge to the future of sports storytelling, from content capture to fan consumption. Automate. Grow. Unlock.

About Zoomph

Zoomph specializes in social media analytics, providing sports teams and brands with critical insights into their social media performance and audience engagement to guide sponsorship decisions.

Photo credit: New York City FC
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