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There is an alternative to Dropbox for sharing digital media assets such as graphics, photos, and videos. This alternative needs to have a visual album format for sharing internally, distribution externally and should be completely indexed and searchable. Dropbox is a great tool for sharing files, and cloud-based file storage systems like Dropbox are used by a number of sports organisations for their video and photo sharing needs. However they weren't specifically designed with the sports organisations themselves.

Dropbox is crucial for many businesses for as a cloud storage service (and secure cloud storage), as well as file and folder sharing system. But sports organisations need a better alternative for sharing and distributing visual media files like photos, graphics and videos. For their brand growth and digital strategy, they need to find an alternative to Dropbox for photo & video sharing. And it’s not Google Drive. Media assets like photos and videos are files, but their use is very different from files like PDFs and documents with rich-text embeds. The Dropbox cloud storage system is good enough, but any time you share photos or videos to your teams, partners or athletes, you want the end user to have a visual and browsing experience fit of your brand and although Dropbox provides a robust visual and browsing experience, an Collection-based taxonomy logic fits sports workflows more.

How to share photos on Dropbox? Dropbox was indeed designed for sharing photos, videos and media assets. However, when shared in large quantities, these files are harder to classify, sort, search, find, and manage because it isn't done automatically. Dropbox can absolutely handle large amounts of files, but when it comes to sharing photos or other types of media, there are alternatives to Dropbox. ScorePlay offers one such solution. Many organisations use Dropbox to share versions of photos or media projects, but when it comes to the continuous sharing of dozens or hundreds of images or video assets by sports organisations to the athletes and partners, sports organisations are asking for a solution that automates these tasks. ScorePlay isn’t necessarily a Dropbox competitor, but it can make the lives of sports marketing professionals easier.

The need for metadata in Dropbox alternatives

When you use Dropbox, you can indeed search by keywords, whether those keywords are found in the metadata or in the content itself. However, for the most part, sports organisations are using visual assets with no searchable keywords within the content itself. The metadata attached to the file is useful, but when a sports organisations produces hundreds and hundreds of visual assets every day from several different photographers, that metadata can quickly become crowded. You could of course spend hours every week creating a tagging taxonomy logic and go through and tag every photo on Dropbox manually in order to be able to find it later. Or you could have it done automatically. Dropbox have built an incredible cloud-based storage tool used by millions, but sports organisations are unique and deserve a tool that has been designed, built and tested with their exact workflows in mind. ScorePlay automatically tags every asset (along with extensive metadata) with each athlete and partner using AI recognition software, as well as integrating with your sporting calendar so the assets are already classified within the Collections logic. Search by team, by player, by stadium, competition, partner, number of athletes present, date and season, as well as format, photographer, orientation etc. All automatically added when you upload.

Sharing Videos with Dropbox

How to share videos on Dropbox? Dropbox provides many collaborative features around shared content, and Dropbox sharing is really pretty simple. Push directly from the Dropbox platform, or grab a link with the appropriate permissions, and then email it to people or text it out to them on WhatsApp. They check their Dropbox notifications, or they get their invitation that they can respond to. But this isn’t as collaborative as it could be for a sports organisation. If you’re going to share photos or videos on a continuous basis after every game for example, neither solution makes sense. Sharing new content both internally and externally on a regular basis is another reason sports organisations that are sharing media need a better alternative to Dropbox. Something like ScorePlay where you can easily collaborate on Projects, work from the same platform and media hub. All your tools. All your teams. No more email threads.

Distribution for reach

When a sports organisation shares photos and videos, it’s often to push their partners or athletes to put these assets on social media. The organisation really wants that media to be published on different channels, typically on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. Dropbox doesn’t have the same automatic distribution as ScorePlay. With ScorePlay, as soon as the artificial intelligence runs on your assets and tags them with your athletes and partners - these assets are pushed automatically to their respective apps in seconds. So they can start posting, and you can start seeing your brand grow. That’s why an alternative to Dropbox for media sharing is necessary if the goal is to have users share content within minutes of the end of games and competitions.

The need for an alternative to Dropbox is compounded when sharing to social media is part of the digital strategy and needs to be tracked and analysed. Those functions are impossible with Dropbox. An app like ScorePlay’s can tell you exactly who has downloaded photographs from your team and where they posted them to.

The alternative to rule them all: ScorePlay

But what are the best Dropbox alternatives? Well, a sports organisation's digital asset management strategy is crucial to their success so in this industry there is only one. ScorePlay is the alternative to Dropbox, the all-in-one media hub for live and archived sports content, both photos and videos. Better adapted to sports workflows than Dropbox because it has been designed with the sports organisations themselves having a say in every new feature and the roadmap. Better than Dropbox for automatic classification media asset management with AI-tagging doing the classification automatically. Better than Dropbox for distribution to athletes and partners because the AI-tagging means they automatically receive their content within minutes of the end of games and competitions on their Apps. Better than Dropbox's search engine too. As opposed to Dropbox, ScorePlay is powered by indexing-AI and a tag-based classification approach, with centralised accessibility to content by detecting faces and brands.

Whether it’s managing your live workflows, editing and sharing content, organising your Collections, archiving your historical content, content requests or monetisation - ScorePlay offers a simple solution for your sports organisation. The only solution on the market that has been made for sports, by sports.

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