AS Monaco: a single source of truth

Barbara Bergeaud

June 12, 2022

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AS Monaco are known as one of the most innovative clubs in world football, with an astounding strategy on and off the field. When they chose ScorePlay over other possible media management solutions, they became even more innovative in their media asset management. We sat down with their Head of Content, Joackim Le Goff, to find out more.

Dark ages

The pre-ScorePlay times for AS Monaco were rudimentary, with manual processes meaning wasted time, endless mindless tasks and squandered opportunities to publish what they wanted to, when they wanted to. In order to find the right content, the team had to spend hours trawling through local storage and hard-drives, relying on specific roles to search, find and share content to every important stakeholder.

‘Before ScorePlay, searching for content was super time-consuming, and very manual.’ - Joackim LeGoff

Luckily, they decided to make their media management, simple.

Golden age

Today, their whole club has been inducted onto ScorePlay, from the content, to digital, to comms, sales and partnerships. The digital department now use the platform to archive all their content, edit their videos and photos, storing their content creations, and sharing them across internal teams and external stakeholders. The sales and partnership teams are also taking advantage of the new tool and use it to get access to the different content the marketing team creates, so they can leverage it for their own goals. Everybody across the club has easy access through one central workspace, which means all their workflows are centralised and wasted time is eliminated.

Finally, on the sporting side, the squad, whether coaching or players, all have access directly through the Athlete app, which notifies them when they are present in an asset and allows them to immediately post to their socials in one-click. This side is very beneficial to the club as it allows them to leverage their biggest ambassadors.

A ‘game changer’ for AS Monaco

We’re always striving to stick to our mission: revolutionising sports media. If you ask Joackim, we’re pretty close: ‘ScorePlay has been a game-changer for AS Monaco.’ His favourite feature? The intuitive AI that has been designed for sports. It allows Monaco to completely automate the process of content archiving which for them is really important. As soon an upload is made, the assets are correctly tagged within seconds with the right context, players and sponsors, so they need not waste any time on organising, and can focus on what they do best: creating great content.

‘ScorePlay is dedicated to sports organisations and fits their requirements and expectations perfectly. The team understands what the clubs need, listens to what they want, before prioritising and implementing a bespoke service to their clients.’ - Joackim Le Goff

Another aspect of the ScorePlay x AS Monaco partnership that is valued is the evolving nature of the platform with constant improvements to the UI, as well as new features that are developed in collaboration with clients. ScorePlay’s reactivity and flexibility make it a great partner for AS Monaco - and its why we love co-constructing our tool with our clients. Furthermore, from Monaco’s point of view, since they signed up, the ‘Upload’ section has vastly improved as uploads can be immediately classified and bulk uploads are super quick and secure. For a club like AS Monaco, the Live Upload feature is super important within their media workflow. ScorePlay Live allows photos to be fed directly from their photographers’ cameras to an FTP folder in the platform. Sound simple enough?

About ScorePlay

We have developed a media asset manager that is easy to use, and made specifically for the sports industry, and can be adapted and tailored to every single sport. Our AI centralises, and classifies your assets, and they can be distributed easily through our apps and dedicated accesses. Media management has never been so simple.

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Photo credit: AS Monaco
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