Product Overview

One platform to
rule them all.

The heartbeat of the ecosystem. Powering the pulse of sports workflows worldwide.


Pulse of the ecosystem

Our all-in-one product for leagues and competitions to provide streamlined workflows between every stakeholder. From club, to league, to broadcaster, to athletes and partners. And back again.

  • A single media hub where all content from a competition is sourced.

  • Seamless flow of content thanks to multi-platforms, FTP, broadcast ingestion via RTMP and more.

  • Media collaboration simplified with one central hub accessible by everyone, with tailored user types for a customised setup.

League platform

ScorePlay Pulse for leagues is the ultimate media tool to streamline every workflow by bringing everything into one place. Single source of truth for media, from archives, to distribution and broadcast.

  • Live workflows designed specifically for sports leagues.

  • Made to fit league platform with multi-platform access of club platforms to be able to send and receive content easily.

  • Simple workflows with any stakeholder, with integrations and custom-made sports workflows.


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