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Rafael Molina Harno

January 24, 2023

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Partner distribution and collaboration is one of the main reasons Rangers decided on ScorePlay to automate the management and distribution of their digital assets. Partners are one of the most important stakeholders in the sports ecosystem and yet they lack a media solution that gives them access to the assets they deserve and need for their own digital strategy.

The status quo

Currently, clubs like Rangers are relying on tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer to provide their partners with digital assets to showcase the efficiency of their partnership. After every game they need to manually pick out a set of photos where their partner’s branding is visible, create separate folders and then forward these on to the relevant partner. Coupled with getting the right content out to engage the fans, and distributing to their athletes, partners fall behind.

The operations aren’t optimised, and partners take the content offline so they aren’t updated when new content has been added. And that’s just for distribution. The partners themselves are still faced with ever-growing folders with no specific logic or searchability. Time is wasted trying to find the right asset and even more to collaborate. Late night WhatsApps. Expired WeTransfers. Painstakingly confusing email threads.

Teams and partners need a solution that scales across their teams and departments. A centralised hub where you can classify, distribute and analyse media assets at scale.

ScorePlay for partners

Since ScorePlay began, we listened to every stakeholder to find their exact bottlenecks and this included partners. We examined both sides of the equation and wanted to offer a solution that would cover the team’s needs, and satisfy the other side’s ROI. The AI-tagging means every digital asset is tagged with the partner and be accessed directly through the partner’s portal on mobile or desktop. They have access to all the assets in an easily searchable library that can stand the test of time. Everything is already sorted based on categories and tags, and whether a partner needs digital assets for their merchandising distributors, a partner activation, or just a social media post, they can find it on ScorePlay.

Our latest feature, ‘Projects’ also allows collaboration within the ScorePlay platform. If club and partner want to work together on a certain activation or post, all they need to do is collaborate through Projects. With integrated comments, notifications, external invitations, approvals and reviewing processes, it has never been easier to collaborate on media assets. Check out how we compare to and Iconik.

Rangers partners with ScorePlay

When Rangers chose to partner with ScorePlay, as they wanted a solution that revolutionised the structures they had in place. From media organisation and archiving, to automated partner collaboration.

The all-in-one media hub designed, built and tested by sports organisations worldwide covered every single base. And now they can focus on what matters most: creation and engagement, without having to worry about operations and optimisation.

Start your own trial today and optimise your partnership.

Photo credit: Rangers
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