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wsc sports logo

We integrate with WSC Sports so you can deliver short-form video highlights automatically to your athletes without any extra work.

  • Using our AI facial recognition we tag athletes automatically in video content.

  • These athlete tags determine what highlights are delivered to which athletes.

  • The athletes receive their content automatically on the ScorePlay App.

azzuu logo

Azzuu is a social media management and content creation platform that allows sports organisations to automate graphic creation in real time to engage their fans in a fast-paced social media environment.

  • Access your ScorePlay media library directly from Azzuu.

  • Create engaging social media content with your best assets in real time.

  • Store your polished assets in ScorePlay

shopify logo

Integration allows our customers to connect their media to their Shopify account, to streamline merchandising and retail media collaboration, by adding the relevant media and associating them to their SKU.

  • Match your merchandising directly with assets in your media library.

  • Streamline your workflow by matching SKUs and assets.


FTP server integration means your photographers can push content to your ScorePlay platform automatically into Live Mode. Validate the content you need and send it directly to your curated library of content.

  • Real-time workflow means you get immediate access to your content.

  • Live Mode gives you a waiting area where you can validate or delete content.

  • Collect content from your photographers, or 3rd parties.

youtube logo

YouTube integration means you can push content automatically to your YouTube account in seconds. No need to download, re-upload, or transcode. We can also ingest your live stream.

  • Automatically publish to YouTube.

  • Ingest your live stream directly to ScorePlay.

  • Live clip your stream to post and distribute short-form in minutes.

youtube logo

AWS S3 integration means we can connect directly to your cloud-storage provider and buckets, whether for storage, archives, backups and more.

  • Simple implementation and connection to your S3 buckets.

  • Use your own buckets to store your content in cold stoage.

stats perform opta logo

Opta adds match context to broadcast recordings. We use match events timelines and tag the video so it is easily searchable on the ScorePlay platform, whether you’re searching for a goal, or a player’s yellow card.

  • We match the broadcast recording with Opta’s data for a full event timeline.

  • These events are completely searchable on the platform.

  • Clipping is made easy to create short-form content in seconds.

Sportradar logo

Sportradar streamlines the processes on the platform. The latest squads, headshots, and calendars are updated automatically so there’s no need for you to update your rosters and pictures, or add events manually.

  • Automatic updates for transfers, new athletes etc.

  • Full calendar integration so there’s no need to create Events manually.

  • Every season. Every event. No manual adding.


RTMP server integration allows you to ingest live broadcasts directly into your ScorePlay platform, no matter the length or size. From there, you can clip and immediately push short-form video content to socials.

  • Live broadcast ingestion, that can be accessed immediately in a compressed browser version, and downloaded in full or HD quality.

  • Opta integration provides match contextualisation that makes clipping infinitely more simple.

  • Archive all your broadcasts in one place, and have them tagged with the best AI metadata.


Anyone can request access to our API to make use of our state-of-the-art facial and text recognition that has been honed by sports organizations worldwide.

  • Use our events-based taxonomy logic.

  • Immediate access to our facial and text AI-tagging.

  • Upload through your tool and have your assets run through ScorePlay.


We can connect to your CMS so it can be automatically populated and you can access your ScorePlay assets directly from your CMS.

  • Access your ScorePlay content directly from your CMS library.

  • Use ScorePlay's search logic on your CMS too.

  • Automated rules can populate galleries or photos on your CMS.

  • Try for free.

  • Personalized onboarding.

  • Dedicated customer service representative.

  • Access to all features.

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