Sacramento Kings' Social Enhancement

Mariana Soares

April 22, 2024

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The Sacramento Kings were the first movers in the NBA space to use ScorePlay as their all-encompassing media workspace for various workflows, including e-commerce. Analyzing their social accounts from the past six months seemed like a natural step, and the results were both expected and remarkable. Combining our tool with Zoomph’s social listening capabilities allowed us to gather crucial data points to showcase the Kings’ brand growth.

Bleed digital purple

Reviewing their performance over the last half year, the Kings' team account amassed a staggering 620M impressions, 10M engagements, and 59M video views. According to Zoomph, the account’s social value (the equivalent media value of this social post based on standard CPM (cost per mille), CPE (cost per engagement), and CPV (cost per view) rates for impressions, video views, and engagements) is estimated to be worth over $11.2M - and with these social metrics, we can understand why.

Their standout post was part of the ‘Tradition Reinvented’ campaign, featuring a jersey-reveal video with key players De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis. Their playful exploration of new colourways and the absence of the iconic purple, traditionally associated with the Kings, captivated the audience. It’s then revealed that the purple was now powering their celebratory beam that is illuminated with each victory, a brilliantly executed marketing move, fostering heightened fan engagement. This example underlines the importance of storytelling in the sports industry.

Fans enthusiastically embraced the beam and purple jerseys, creating a buzz with nearly 2M impressions and an impressive 13.14% engagement rate when compared to that month’s 1.84% average engagement rate. Active fans love it when their favourite players are part of a distinct purple narrative. The Kings' great season and optimism earned them the No.3 playoff seed, unveiling the highly anticipated 23/24 purple kit with over 8% engagement and a $14K valuation in one post.

Regarding their usage of the Athlete App and the player's role in posting, with over 472K assets available, all the players log into the app to retrieve their personalised assets with more than 2000 sessions registered over the past months. Enabling automatic content distribution and access for players post-game not only boosts their posting activity but also contributes to enhancing their personal brand. Moreover, engaging with fans and providing insights into the players' personalities is a crucial element in building a robust social media presence in the world of sports, ultimately fostering brand growth.

Royal partnerships

When assessing the Sacramento Kings and their content, focusing on partner and sponsor analytics and their distribution is crucial. Zoomph Analytics provides their clients with insights into partner visibility, including clarity, screen time, and size within the content. This enables the calculation of impressions and the social value generated by each post.

The exposure offered by the Sacramento Kings takes various forms, ranging from incorporating logos in post-game graphics to featuring branded assets within the arena. These diverse avenues contribute to varying degrees of brand awareness, and is calculated in terms of logo "clarity” using Zoomph. The factors that influence recognition and perception are meticulously accounted for, discounting them from the overall social value of the post. This ensures an accurate evaluation of the value delivered to the Kings’ partners.

In the example below, we conducted a clarity analysis of two partner logos: RE/MAX and Lagunitas Brewing Co. Given that the RE/MAX logo enjoys a larger size, it naturally attains a higher level of clarity compared to the somewhat more discreet Lagunitas logo. However, it's noteworthy that both logos benefit from consistent exposure through the posted content, resulting in over 249k impressions for each brand.

Partner-sponsored segments, like Red Hawk Casino's, perform consistently.

Overall, this helps the team measure their reach and negotiate their partnership opportunities that align with its mission and vision: from real numbers that prove the impact it can provide, to renegotiations and being open to exploring new opportunities based on the data collected.

Ensuring easy accessibility of content to sponsors and partners is paramount for streamlining their workflow. Equally important is the ability to accurately gauge and assign tangible value to the assets employed in various contexts. This empowers teams like the Sacramento Kings with practical, quantifiable insights, enabling purposeful alignment with potential partners, which undoubtedly translates into expanded brand exposure and heightened fan allegiance. After all, if you can't measure it, you can't effectively manage it.

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Photo credit: Sacramento Kings
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