ScorePlay’s Hybrid Approach

Rafael Molina Harno

March 21, 2024

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In the dynamic world of sports organizations, efficient data management is crucial. At ScorePlay, we recognize that our clients often have unique needs that require a blend of traditional and modern storage solutions. That's why we offer a hybrid storage solution, combining the best features of on-premises and cloud storage to provide flexibility, control, and scalability.

What is a Hybrid Storage Solution?

A hybrid storage solution integrates on-premises infrastructure with cloud storage capabilities. This approach allows sports organizations to leverage the control and security of on-site storage while benefiting from the scalability and accessibility of the cloud.

Benefits of ScorePlay’s Hybrid Storage Solution

Optimal Storage Management

Our hybrid solution intelligently distributes data between on-premises and cloud storage:

  • Proxies in the Cloud: Compressed, frequently accessed files (proxies) are stored in the cloud. These files take up minimal space and are crucial for quick access and collaboration.
  • Originals On-Premises: High-quality, original files are stored on the client’s premises. This setup reduces cloud storage costs while maintaining accessibility for essential data.

Cost Efficiency

By storing high-quality originals on-site and only keeping proxies in the cloud, organizations can significantly reduce their cloud storage costs. This hybrid approach ensures you pay for cloud storage only when necessary, optimizing overall expenses.

Scalability and Flexibility

The hybrid model offers the flexibility to scale storage based on your needs:

  • Expand Cloud Storage: Easily increase cloud storage for proxies and frequently accessed files without major investments.
  • On-Premises Control: Maintain control over original files, ensuring they are stored according to your organization’s specific security and compliance requirements.

Enhanced Accessibility

With our hybrid solution, you can enjoy global access to your data:

  • Proxies Available Anywhere: Cloud-stored proxies ensure that your team can access and collaborate on files from any location with an internet connection.
  • Seamless Integration: On-premises originals remain indexed and searchable within the ScorePlay platform, making them easy to locate and use when needed.

Improved Data Security and Compliance

Storing sensitive, high-quality files on-premises allows organizations to implement tailored security measures and comply with specific regulatory requirements. The cloud component, managed by ScorePlay, ensures robust security and data protection for proxies and frequently accessed files.

How ScorePlay’s Hybrid Solution Works

Intelligent Storage AllocationHere's how our storage allocation works:

  • Current Content: The latest seasons’ data is kept in the cloud, ensuring immediate access and collaboration.
  • Archived Content: Older seasons’ original files are moved to on-premises storage while keeping proxies in the cloud for easy access.

This architecture seamlessly integrates on-premises and cloud storage, ensuring efficient data management and cost optimization. The ScorePlay platform remains the central hub for managing and accessing all your media assets, regardless of their storage location.

ScorePlay’s hybrid storage solution offers the perfect blend of control, flexibility, and cost efficiency. By intelligently managing data between on-premises and cloud storage, we help sports organizations optimize their media asset management. Embrace the best of both worlds with ScorePlay’s hybrid solution and ensure your data is always accessible, secure, and ready for action.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay has emerged as the industry standard in Digital Asset Management (DAM), Media Asset Management (MAM), and Production Asset Management (PAM), redefining the landscape of media solutions with its cutting-edge products: ScorePlay Creator, Studio, and Pulse. Each product is intricately designed to meet the nuanced needs of sports organizations, ensuring that every digital asset - from photos to full-scale video productions - is managed with unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Our custom workflow capabilities are meticulously tailored to integrate seamlessly into any sports organization's existing processes. This approach not only helps eliminate common bottlenecks within our clients, but it also enhances the creative output and productivity rate of teams through streamlined production like never before, thanks to advanced features such as real-time clipping and AI-driven content categorization.

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