Ultimate Guide to AI at ScorePlay

Samy Ait-Hellal

December 12, 2022

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Introducing AI to Take Your Visual Assets to the Next Level

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the extra boost sports organisations and brands need to supercharge their visual assets. By tapping into the power of AI technology to recognize and make the most of each visual asset in your content library, you can stay ahead of the competition and produce content your fans actually want to see.

In an era where content is consumed faster than ever before, it’s essential to get the most out of your photos. That’s why ScorePlay has developed a highly accurate AI for facial and text recognition, as well as automatic classification and distribution. Our AI tools extract the maximum value from each file in your media library, allowing you to become unstoppable when it comes to your content strategy.

Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about AI at ScorePlay:

How does it work?

The breakdown

How do AI permissions and VIP work?

And a few thought pieces:

How AI can be used in your content strategy

How AI is revolutionizing sports media management

How to streamline your sports MAM with AI

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay is an innovative AI-powered solution that is revolutionizing the way sports organizations manage, classify, and distribute their digital assets. By utilizing ScorePlay, sports organizations can easily and effectively manage their digital assets, allowing them to tell their stories and upgrade their digital strategies.

These tasks need to be consolidated on a single platform for a seamless real-time experience. The sports media landscape has relied on a variety of tools that crowd creative teams for too long (from PhotoShelter, Dropbox or Newsbridge for storage, and Greenfly for distribution). The new generation of sports fans demand social-media-ready content in real-time as they consume, and having an all-in-one solution allows sports organisations to be reactive, versatile and adept in their content strategy.

An AI-powered media hub built for the sports industry. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting, from club-photographer content, to UGC all through ScorePlay. Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo and video sharing made easy.

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