Real Sociedad & live workflows with FTP

Barbara Bergeaud

July 15, 2022

ScorePlay Blog Thumbnail Case Study Real Sociedad

As one of our beta clubs, Real Sociedad have been with us since the very beginning from our early days as basic media hub, to the multi-faceted media asset management solution we have today. All along the journey they helped us refine our product and tweak it to the needs of sports organisations like themselves. Over 150,000 assets uploaded later, we’d say we’ve worked together pretty well.

Live mode

One of the first features Real Sociedad helped perfect was the Live Mode. Their photographer connected their camera to ScorePlay’s platform using FTP so that his photos could be uploaded automatically during games into the validation section. Previously, he used USB, WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive and emails, all of which was a nightmare with the state of connectivity in stadiums. With ScorePlay, all these tools were combined to save time, resources and put it towards content editing.

ScorePlay immediately transformed my workflow. We used to upload pictures with USB, WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive and emails. With Live mode, ScorePlay is all of those tools combined. - Felix Manix, Photographer

As soon as the photos are in the validation section, the AI starts to work its magic. Every asset is automatically tagged with the correct athletes and partners so that everything is indexable and searchable. Calendar integration means the software automatically detects what game is on that day and you classify your assets easily. Finally, content is king, but distribution is queen, so we make distribution to athletes and partners simple with our dedicated apps.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay works with sports organisations and entertainment brands from around the world to provide a best-in-class solution to media asset management. The concept is simple. Stop wasting time on your inefficient workflows and automate everything that can be so you can focus on creation. This is what ScorePlay provides, as it automatically feeds photos from cameras to your platform, then automatically classifies them and tags them. Making everything easy, from editing, to sharing, and distributing.

We even have a fan feature so you can make fan engagement and UGC collection simple too. Sometimes people say follow the leader, well in this case, the leader is Real Sociedad.

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Photo credit: Real Sociedad
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