Athletes Unlimited Partners with ScorePlay

Rafael Molina Harno

February 28, 2024


New York City, 28/ 02/ 2024 – Athletes Unlimited, a trailblazing network of women's sports leagues known for its innovative approach, has announced a new partnership with ScorePlay, the leading digital asset management software provider for sports. This strategic alliance marks a significant shift in the league's digital infrastructure, as it moves away from using multiple platforms management, indexation, distribution and video hosting, consolidating its digital asset management under ScorePlay's all-in-one advanced solutions.

This partnership showcases Athletes Unlimited's commitment to innovation, not just in sports but in its operational prowess. By choosing ScorePlay, Athletes Unlimited positions itself as the first women's sports league to leverage this cutting-edge technology, underscoring its status as a pioneer in the sports industry and joining NWSL and WNBA teams.

Jenny Jeffries, VP of Social & Content at Athletes Unlimited, is spearheading this exciting collaboration. Her leadership in integrating ScorePlay's technology with Athletes Unlimited's dynamic content strategy is expected to revolutionize how the league manages and distributes its digital assets. Jenny's expertise and forward-thinking approach are integral to this transition, ensuring a seamless integration of ScorePlay's services into the league's operations.

"We are thrilled to partner with ScorePlay. Their technology not only streamlines our digital content management but also aligns perfectly with our vision of innovation and excellence in women's sports," said Jenny. "This partnership is more than a technological upgrade; it's a statement of our commitment to providing the best possible platform to showcase not only our leagues but the stories of our athletes both on and off the field and court."

ScorePlay's CEO, Victorien Tixier, commented on the partnership, expressing excitement about working with an organization that shares their values of innovation and excellence. "Athletes Unlimited is at the forefront of redefining women's sports, and we are proud to support them with our technology. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to elevating the sports experience through innovative solutions. We believe in the stories that power sports, and AU see the same potential for storytelling in their league."

The collaboration is set to elevate the league's digital presence, offering enhanced access to content for fans and key stakeholders such as athletes and partners. With ScorePlay's robust platform, Athletes Unlimited will streamline its content management processes, ensuring a more efficient and effective distribution of digital assets.

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About Athletes Unlimited 

Named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2023, Athletes Unlimited is a new model of pro sports, where athletes are decision-makers and individual players are champions of team sports. Athletes Unlimited owns and operates professional women’s softball, lacrosse, volleyball and basketball leagues featuring world-class competition and fan experience, and stands out as an organization driven by the athletes that play in the leagues, with athlete representation on the company’s board of directors, each league led by a Player Executive Committee, and players sharing in long-term profits of the company, all while being proactive in shaping policies supporting the mothers that play in the league. Athletes Unlimited is the first professional sports league to be organized as a Public Benefit Corporation. For more information, visit

About ScorePlay 

ScorePlay is a leading provider of digital, media and production asset management software in sports, offering innovative solutions to streamline and enhance the management and distribution of digital content across formats and stakeholders, from photo to live broadcast workflows.

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