Wasserman Boxing joins ScorePlay

Rafael Molina Harno

August 16, 2023

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We are thrilled to announce Wasserman Boxing will be using ScorePlay for their events, as our first boxing users. They have successfully built a platform for both high-profile and emerging talents in the fighting world with incredible showdowns, and we are ready to elevate their media management in and out of the ring.

Sparring with challenges

Wasserman Boxing is known for their significant impact on the industry, as well as their commitment to do more than just promote fights. They are a part of the Wasserman Agency, a global leader in sports, music, entertainment, and culture, and now in boxing promotion. From TV deals to promoting over 50 world champions across multiple weight classes, their mark in boxing is clear and they’re ready to take a step further with the help of ScorePlay’s AI-powered digital asset management to empower their athletes and internal teams.

Wasserman Boxing were searching for ways to build upon their existing media infrastructure, and they wanted the right tools in place to boost their content and branding strategy. Such a complete group with so many people constantly working to create fantastic content need an efficient and centralised media workflow, where they can build a new visual storytelling model with their media without wasting time - Enter ScorePlay.

Knockout workflow

ScorePlay will become their central media hub for all photo and videos: Project links will be set up pre-event so that the team at Wasserman can instantly share photos to the media whilst sat ringside for ultimate collaboration. The photographers will then upload content into Live Mode so that the media team can publish it in real-time on socials, while montages and video packages are also curated for every athlete and distributed automatically with ScorePlay’s athlete distribution. Broadcasters and sponsors also get immediate access so they can share content on their own channels, and use ScorePlay as the single source of truth for their event’s media.

A seamless knockout workflow.

From the pre-fight photoshoot, right up to the final blow on fight night. Training and sparring sessions, weigh-ins or press conferences, no step of the journey is forgotten with ScorePlay and all their media can be used to provide fans with a better more in-depth experience.

Wasserman Boxing & ScorePlay Overview

  • 100+ athletes receiving their content automatically with the Athlete App
  • Real-time sponsor access to content through our innovative AI tagging
  • Direct publishing to Live Mode to give the social team immediate access and ring-side content creation
  • Athletes posting minutes after the end of a fight with the content they want

About ScorePlay

The centralisation, classification and distribution of sports media assets needs to be consolidated on a single platform for a seamless real-time experience free of manual bottlenecks. For a long time, sports media relied on too many tools crowding teams’ workflows. Now, they have access to a more logical efficient way of working.

The automatic tagging system and athlete and sponsor recognition revolutionised the way sports teams work, saving time and effort while creating seamless media workflows. Several different tools all along the media value chain are no longer needed. An all-in-one media hub that was truly made by sports, for sports.‍

Photo credit: Wasserman Boxing
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