For Sports, By Sports

Rafael Molina Harno

November 7, 2022


Forget Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, WhatsApp, Greenfly, Newsbridge and PhotoShelter, there’s only one media asset management solution that has been designed by, and for, sports. Our co-founders are sports fans and realised sports organisations were still using hard-drives and wasting time looking for and sharing photos and videos. They decided to build a solution, together with the users.

Built for, and by, sports

We built ScorePlay using design-thinking, constantly working with our founding club, Toulouse FC, and our 8 beta clubs, to create a special media hub. No guesswork, no assumptions, just consistent feedback and solutions tailor-made for problems. From the photographer and videographers on the touchline, to the confused freelancers with SD cards, to social media managers struggling to upload photos on stadium WIFI, and then up the line to the marketing managers furiously searching through folders trying to find the right asset for half-time, and the athletes and partners waiting hours, if not days, to receive any photos or videos after the event. The issues were glaring. But every issue was an opportunity.

An opportunity to innovate. To automate. To create. By the time the beta ended, ScorePlay was already solving bottleneck after bottleneck.

“Developing a tool alongside the actual customer is something most don’t have the luxury to do. Every day we would learn something new, we’d tweak the product a bit, add a new feature, adjust to each workflow. The learnings and feedback built the foundation of how we run ScorePlay today” - Xavier Green, CTO

For sports, by sports: a daily grind

The only way to continue on this path was to work closely with our clubs and sports organisations. For sports. By sports. ScorePlay is valuable to them, but their insights drive our product roadmap, our innovation, our ideation. Hand-in-hand we solve every issue. That’s why we keep close contact with our clients, so they can make feature requests, aid in product development, and contribute crucial ideas to how to improve the platform even more.

“We chat constantly. On the roadmap, on the features that we want to develop, to test and implement. They are always looking for our feedback, and they discuss with different customers on the platform, and different type of users. It is a smart project in the way we feed from each other.” Joackim Le Goff, Head of Content at AS Monaco

The sports ecosystem is one built on relationships, and for tools, it’s essential to maintain close collaboration to be able to continue iterating, innovating and improving. Building bridges through media within this ecosystem was always our goal and that’s why we targeted every element, from club, to player, partner, fan, photographer, videographer, social media manager, agencies etc. Every new sport has been a new learning opportunity, from skiing, to baseball, American football, federations, leagues, golf, esports, rugby, cricket, triathlon and mountain biking.

About ScorePlay

If you want to be part of the future of sports media, this is the place to be. Start your free trial today, and without any commitment, we promise this will be the tool you want to use to take your organisation forward. Faster. Automated. Time-saving. Brand growing.

Be efficient. Be creative. Be ScorePlay.

Photo credit: Freeride World Tour
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