Swiss Football League's Broadcast Solution

Rafael Molina Harno

June 12, 2023

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ScorePlay and Swiss Football League recently closed a 2-year deal, where the digital asset manager will automate the SFL’s management, classification and distribution of their content, from photos, to videos, broadcasts and archives. Here we take a deep dive into exactly how they use ScorePlay for their video workflows.

Video solution from the future

The solution that ScorePlay for Swiss Football League designed was built to not only automate, but drastically speed up their previous workflows that involved many different stakeholders and bottlenecks. We co-constructed a solution that would create a near-live solution for them and an easy way of storing all their broadcast recordings. Within an hour of the end of their match broadcasts, we fetch the video file via FTP and store it in our cloud servers. We immediately transcode it into SD (720p), HD (1080p) and Original (Broadcast quality) so all three versions are available if needed. The SD version gives them a near immediate access where they can work with the compressed file to view, and see what they want to clip and implement into their content. Once they’ve decided what they need, they can choose to clip in any of the 3 qualities with our advanced clipping tool for their various social media needs.

Best-in-class clipping

Finally, we associate the match events attached to the video file in a .json sidecar of metadata so that the clips are exported with the relevant information such as players and actions. This means that their clips remain completely indexed and searchable.

15 years of broadcast archives

As part of the deal, we wanted to not only be their video and broadcast solution going forward but also for their past. Sports organisations are sitting on some of the most valuable media in the world and yet are not in a position to take advantage of it. We took their last 15 years of broadcast quality footage, from games, to tactical views, highlights in multiple languages and formats (3, 5 and 10 minute versions) provided by both league and various broadcasters and indexed it automatically so they became completely searchable on their SFL ScorePlay platform. They are now able to clip them and make use of them in their content, as well as easily monetise it. We’re there for your past, present and future.

ScorePlay: more than just a photo solution

When we first started ScorePlay it became apparent that the industry lacked a sports specific solution that allowed them to seamlessly integrate their cameras and deal with their photo assets. We soon realised the problem was much bigger than that. As the sports industry had grown at breakneck speed, legacy organisations and tools were in no position to match that growth and the sheer amount of valuable content that was being produced. Sports organisations had become de facto media companies that did not have the right tools to deal with it. As sports fans, we wanted to provide the solution that could be an all-in-one, from photo to video and broadcast, and all along the digital asset’s value chain, from capture to content creation and distribution.

ScorePlay uses AI technology to make your media manageable. To make it monetisable. It saves you time and deals with the complicated backend infrastructure that was designed for sports, and built for scale. We have become the media operating system for sports organisations worldwide because we co-constructed every feature, workflow and update with sports organisations themselves. Try it for yourself with a free trial.

Photo credit: SFL
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