FTP: What is it & why do you need it?

Daniel Adetayo

December 30, 2022

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FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard method for transferring files between computers over a network. FTP is a client-server protocol, meaning that a user connects to an FTP server to access and transfer files. One of the key benefits of FTP is that it allows for the transfer of large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. This makes it an ideal protocol for transferring large numbers of high-resolution images, such as those taken by sports photographers. In the world of sports, photographers are constantly capturing action shots of athletes, teams, and events. The sheer volume of images that are generated in a single event can be overwhelming, and the process of organising and distributing these images can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. This is where ScorePlay comes in.

How Orlando City uses FTP for real-time content

All our clients are able to connect their cameras through FTP so that they can feed their photos directly through to the platform and save countless wasted time on getting content to the social media team as fast as possible. We also provide live broadcast and stream integration so that all our clients are able to get their video content in real time too, with certain trends in sports highlighting the need for short-form content amid the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels. Now, we’ll see how Orlando City photographer and videographer, Mark Thor uses ScorePlay to complement his MLS matchday workflow.

Step 1: Mark connects his camera to ScorePlay’s FTP server.

Step 2: He selects the photos from his camera, downloads them and edits them on the spot before live loading them into Live Mode.

Step 3: The AI runs on the photographs and everything is distributed to the correct players and partners. It really is that simple.

Within 2 minutes, all their assets can be used on social media. That’s why Orlando chose ScorePlay.

ScorePlay for FTP

ScorePlay is a platform that enables sports organisations to streamline their visual storytelling by using FTP to feed their sports photos directly into the platform. Photographers can use ScorePlay to upload their images to the platform, where they can then be tagged with information about the athletes and partners featured in the images. This makes it easy for sports organisations to distribute the images to their partners, fans, and other stakeholders. One of the key benefits of using ScorePlay is that it allows sports organisations to quickly and easily share their images with a wide range of audiences. With ScorePlay, organisations can easily distribute their images to their partners, fans, and other stakeholders, without having to manually send each image individually.

Another benefit of using ScorePlay is that it allows sports organisations to easily manage and organise their images. With ScorePlay, organisations can easily tag their images with information about the athletes and partners featured in the images. This makes it easy for organisations to search for and find specific images, as well as to track the performance of specific athletes or partners. ScorePlay also allows for easy editing of the images. With ScorePlay, photographers can easily make adjustments to the images such as cropping, resizing, and colour corrections.

About ScorePlay

The centralisation, classification and distribution of sports media assets needs to be consolidated on a single platform for a seamless real-time experience free of manual bottlenecks. Long has the sports media landscape relied on a variety of tools that crowd creative teams and disrupt a logical efficient workflow (from PhotoShelter, Dropbox or Newsbridge for storage, and Greenfly for distribution). The new generation of sports fans demand social-media-ready content in real-time as they consume, and having an all-in-one solution allows sports organisations to be reactive, versatile and adept in their content strategy.

ScorePlay automates the centralisation, classification and distribution of assets with AI. A media hub built for the sports industry. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting, from club-photographer content, to UGC all through ScorePlay Pulse. Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo and video sharing made easy.

And a lot more. Start your 14-day free trial today.

Photo credit: OGC Nice
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