Behind the Integration: ScorePlay Panel for Adobe

Xavier Green

January 29, 2024

adobe premiere pro thumbnail

In our latest in the 'Behind the Integration' series, we delve into how ScorePlay, a trailblazer in sports media management and production, transformed video editing workflows for sports organizations worldwide. This case study explores the ScorePlay Panel for Adobe, focusing on the user experience and the remarkable efficiency gains it brought.

The Challenge: Sports media teams grappled with the unwieldy task of editing high-resolution video content stored remotely. The process was cumbersome, bandwidth-heavy, and time-consuming.

The ScorePlay Solution:

  1. Effortless Editing with Proxies: The ScorePlay Panel for Adobe streamlined the editing process. Teams now work with low-resolution proxies, ensuring smooth, agile editing without the hassle of managing enormous files.
  2. Seamless Cloud Access: A pioneering cloud file gateway system bridged Adobe Premiere Pro with cloud storage. It feels like accessing local files, but with the power of cloud computing.
  3. Selective High-Res Downloads: In a remarkable leap, the system intelligently downloads only necessary high-res file segments for final exports. This precision approach conserved bandwidth and slashed waiting times.
  4. User-Centric Adobe Panel: A customized Adobe panel, crafted for simplicity, empowered editors to easily manage downloads and workflow directly within Premiere Pro.
  5. High-Speed Remote Rendering: For the final touches, projects shifted effortlessly to a remote desktop near data centers. This meant faster rendering, utilizing powerful hardware without the geographical limitations.

The integration transformed ScorePlay into a paragon of efficiency and innovation. Sports media teams now revel in a seamless, faster editing process, focusing more on creativity and less on technical hindrances. This case is not just about technological integration; it's a story of empowering sports storytellers, enabling them to bring thrilling sports moments to fans with unprecedented speed and ease. At ScorePlay, this integration exemplifies our commitment to continually push the boundaries of sports media management. We're not just providing tools; we're crafting experiences that change the game for sports organizations. We focus on tech, so our customers can focus on telling stories.

Photo credit: Virtus Bologna Segafredo
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