ScorePlay & YouTube Integration

Xavier Green

July 4, 2023

thumbnail youtube scoreplay integration

The digital revolution in the sports media industry has reached a new milestone. ScorePlay, a digital asset management platform designed for sports-specific workflows, has introduced an innovative YouTube integration feature that offers unprecedented capabilities in live streaming and video content management. Developed in co-construction with Major League Pickleball, this YouTube integration allows sports organisations to stream their games live, clip directly from the stream, and add Action Tags through the Control Room for precise video clipping. ScorePlay's latest feature is the one of the first of its kind, paving the way for a seamless and efficient video management workflows.

Seamless Video Publishing

ScorePlay's YouTube integration simplifies the publishing process by automating and optimising the uploading of large videos such as broadcasts. The feature can also auto-publish and auto-set title description, title, and keywords for YouTube based on ScorePlay's AI tags; what once took hours can now be accomplished in just minutes, thus enabling sports organisations like Major League Pickleball to distribute their short-form content rapidly and effectively like never before to their fans.

Moreover, ScorePlay uses live technology by starting to upload the Video on Demand (VOD) file while the live stream is still playing. This means the video is available to publish right after the stream ends, thus providing an unprecedented level of speed and efficiency in live video publishing, which means no more waiting hours for the full broadcast to upload.

Flexible Workflows for Every Need

This integration supports two major workflows: Live workflow and Publish from library. The first workflow, Live to Live to VOD, allows the live broadcast to be simultaneously sent to the ScorePlay platform, re-streamed to YouTube, and saved in the ScorePlay library at the same time. This process is then optimised to make the video immediately available on YouTube. Videos are stored and indexed in the ScorePlay library and added to your archive.

The second workflow caters to any video uploaded into ScorePlay. Users can either click and deliver it to YouTube or set up a rules engine that automatically publishes new highlights, clips under 5 minutes, and other specific content. The rules engine can also be configured to publish immediately or send videos to drafts, providing a high level of customisation for users.

Beyond the Game

ScorePlay's YouTube integration extends beyond mere live streaming and publishing. It enhances the digital asset management space by streamlining and automating video/media workflows, making it an essential tool for sports organisations aiming to maximise their online presence and viewer engagement. ScorePlay's innovative YouTube integration is more than just a new feature. It represents a significant leap forward in sports media technology, offering sports organisations a smarter, faster, and more efficient way to manage and distribute their video content, to deliver content to the fans when they want it.

Photo credit: Major League Pickleball
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