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Xavier Green

May 28, 2023

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ScorePlay’s media asset management software does more than just manage your photographs. We’ve built an all-in-one tool for all your media needs and have worked closely with our clients to develop the best video features for sports organisations, whether its providing value to your partners, saving time on production or letting them focus on content creation.

Live broadcast ingestion and distribution

Tournament organisers often need to focus on more than just photo distribution to their athletes, as their primary focus has to be on the live broadcast. Whether putting on the best possible live show, showcasing their valued partners or repurposing their video for short-form content on TikTok or Instagram, the live broadcast sits at the core.

We built our Live Broadcast Integration in order for The Amundi Evian Golf Championship to be able to have a seamless workflows during their tournaments. We connected their broadcasting camera directly to ScorePlay with an encoder sending the feed directly with the parameters of their choice (e.g., 4K quality, 60fps etc). Furthermore, we integrated with their TV schedule so that ScorePlay could seamlessly record these feeds without them having to waste any time. This allowed us to take the file immediately and save it as an MP4 in 4K resolution straight into their MAM. No additional recording, no additional upload time, no waiting around for the broadcasting partner to share the file with them. Seamlessly simple and quick.

Once the file was saved on ScorePlay, the footage was analysed through facial and partner recognition AI, tagging the video chronologically. This gave The Amundi Evian Championship an easy way to clip their files, create content immediately, and be able to search through hours of footage by using the time-based tagging to find athletes and partners in seconds. Partner detection meant that within minutes of the end of the show, partners received notifications and could easily see where they appeared in the broadcast. Saving time for internal teams, and providing value to external stakeholders. The final step was the ability to collate the entire weekend of footage and share this directly with their 3rd party analytics team that could easily examine the exact value and screen time each partner received from the event.

Live clipping, YouTube Integration and Control Room

With the Swiss Football League, we have developed a broadcast ingestion feature that allows them to ingest every single match, and we tag every game using our Opta stat integration. That means they can search intuitively throughout their entire match history, looking for and matching different elements such as players, teams, cards, goals or assists. Perfect for quick clipping.

Additionally, we've developed a YouTube integration for those who stream through the popular social media, and what we call: Control room. The control room allows you to tag live feeds with contextualisation that cannot be added automatically using AI or calendar integration. This means you can go the extra mile and make these tags instantly, and they turn into searchable time-based tags.

The rise of short-form content

As we’ve worked with sports organisations over the past 18 months we’ve noticed a rapid change in the type of content and media they produce in line with the rise of short-form content. As fans engage more and more through Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, organisations are adding additional layers to their photography strategy and producing more short videos. Whether showing off an impressive move, an important moment in the tournament or match, organisations now require almost immediate access to the footage being shown live in order to take advantage of the crucial period after something happened to capture the hype and engagement on social media.

As seen above, we have developed features that allow organisations to connect directly to live broadcast or stream via RTMP / SRT, whether TV cameras, YouTube or Twitch. This saves organisations over 20 hours of time as they do not have to wait for the League provider to re-upload the content to their shared space, and means they can immediately access it from their own personal ScorePlay platform. The upcoming integration with Adobe means all the footage and media can be accessed directly through editing platforms, and more steps are skipped in the process - making our clients’ lives easier and bettering their digital strategy and brand.

By sports, for sports

Our clients choose us because we are the only all-in-one media toolkit dedicated to the sports industry. Newsbridge, Greenfly or PhotoShelter offer alternative solutions but having a tool that has been designed by sports organisations for sports organisations is key. ScorePlay began its journey by designing the tool in partnership with the football club Toulouse FC. The goal? No tailoring, no workarounds, no fixes, no setup - just the perfect MAM for sports organisations wanting to optimise their digital strategy so they can focus on content creation and promoting their biggest ambassadors.

Every new club and sport has become an opportunity to become an expert in a new workflow and allow them to master their media for the assets they are. And every video feature is hand-crafted to fit your sports workflow.

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