ScorePlay integrates with Getty Images

Xavier Green

October 2, 2023

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The integration between Getty and ScorePlay has revolutionized the process of managing and distributing photos for sports events. This case study explores how the seamless integration enables efficient photo editing, metadata management, and automatic distribution to ScorePlay and Getty's marketplace simultaneously.

Workflow Overview

  1. FTP to Getty: Photographers upload their photos to Getty automatically using FTP.
  2. Getty Editing: Getty receives photos from their photographers, and their editors do their thing. These edited photos are then ready for further processing.
  3. Metadata: Then, the editors manually add metadata to enhance the photos' quality and searchability within their marketplace.
  4. ScorePlay Integration: This is where the ScorePlay integration kicks. As the assets are sent. to Getty’s marketplace, they are also automatically transferred to the ScorePlay platform so the internal teams have immediate access, without having to download and re-upload. The integrated Getty data provider parses the file names, identifying the relevant Collection and tagging the photos accordingly. This automated process ensures that the photos are correctly associated with the corresponding Collections within ScorePlay.
  5. Getty’s Marketplace and ScorePlay: Simultaneously, the photos are now on ScorePlay and in Getty’s Marketplace.

Benefits and Impact

The Getty integration with ScorePlay offers numerous benefits and has a significant impact on the photo management process within an organization:

  • Streamlined Editing: The automatic upload from FTP guarantees an efficient and most importantly, live workflow.
  • Efficient Metadata Management: Editors manually add metadata to the photos, ensuring accurate categorization and enhanced searchability. This enables users to easily find specific photos based on Collection, location, or other relevant criteria within the marketplace.
  • Automated Collection Association: The integration with the Getty data provider eliminates the need for manual Collection tagging once the assets arrive on ScorePlay. The system intelligently parses the file names and automatically associates the photos with the correct Collections, saving time and reducing the chance of human error. And precious time.
  • Seamless Distribution: By automatically transferring the photos to ScorePlay, Getty ensures that their vast library of sports event photos is readily accessible to users. This streamlines the licensing process and allows clients to quickly find and use the desired images.
  • AWS S3 support: The connection to AWS S3 buckets means the assets can be taken directly from the cloud servers and not have to go through extra hoops.

The Getty integration with ScorePlay has transformed the way sports event photos are managed, edited, and distributed at West Ham United. By leveraging technology and automation, ScorePlay has significantly improved efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility in the field of sports photography. This successful integration serves as a testament to the power of seamless collaborations to enhance industry workflows.

Photo credit: West Ham United
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