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Iconik offers a good media management tool, with AI auto-tagging coupled with collaboration features like review and approval which make communications around the assets easy. Sharing is simple, putting you in control of who can access your media, with options to restrict downloading and commenting. Built on a hybrid cloud structure, Iconik allows for content to live anywhere and creates proxy files locally which can be pushed to the cloud. This means that the editing workflow is smooth, aided by an Iconik panel for Adobe where editors can find and add their assets, and push the final versions back to Iconik when they are ready. However, Iconik isn’t built for an event-based ecosystem like sports. Folder organisation can be a tedious task even when tagging is done automatically, and that is where Iconik takes a hit. Pricing for AI is also separate, which means that you have to prioritise content that you want to run AI on, rather than have all your teams detected at once. Their video collaboration is simple but efficient with review processes and some sharing abilities for internal and external teams.

  • Visual AI recognition
  • Smart content suggestions
  • Time-based comments
  • Drawing on images & videos
  • Approval and review system
  • Video Transcription
  • Iconik panel for Adobe
  • Hybrid cloud structure


ScorePlay is an all-in-one media hub that covers your sports workflows extensively, whether it’s for photo or video. An Collection-based taxonomy signals an end to the archaic and tedious folder creation, with a calendar integration that means that all of your Collections for the year are ready on the platform, waiting to be populated with content. Our FTP feature allows you to feed your photos live, and we offer live stream integrations where every video can be tagged with players and partners. You can contextualise your match feed easily, tagging every single Collection that takes place by integrating with any data provider. Automatic AI tagging makes all of your content is easily searchable by players or Collections, and distribution of this content has never been easier, with athletes having their own Player App to get all of their content. Yes, no more content requests on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Our collaboration features easily match up to Iconik’s - an easy-to-use approval system, live frame-accurate commenting, cloud hosting, multiple teams, unlimited users, automated digital rights management, and a lot more. All of this along with the best customer service in sports means that your photo and video needs will stay fulfilled.

  • Reviewing and approval processes
  • Live frame-accurate commenting
  • Internal and external sharing with Apps (reviewers are notified immediately and can view and comment on any device: web or ScorePlay Apps)
  • Versioning
  • Cloud hosting and storage (unlimited)
  • One tool for all departments and all team members
  • Unlimited users and collaborations
  • DRM, SSO, Two-factor authorisation
  • In-app support
  • Watermarking and editing

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