Dallas Wings' athlete distribution

Mariana Soares

September 15, 2023

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The Dallas Wings are one of the top teams in the WNBA with a roster of talented players and notable athlete brands making waves both online and offline. Since early May, they have been taking advantage of ScorePlay’s features to boost their engagement by 369% and their number of posts by 224%, all while providing high-quality authentic content to their fans. So how did they do it?

Wingspan to Brandspan

The Wings have made fantastic use of ScorePlay automated distribution with athletes being able to download their own curated content to build their brands, through the ScorePlay’s Athlete App. We tracked their athletes and conducted an analysis of how much their squad posted before and after they were onboarded onto the ScorePlay App.

Over the 3 months after onboarding, players posted 87% more on average. Analysing the biggest App users and downloaders (Arike Ogunbowale and Satou Sabally) a bit further, their average club-related posting increased by 108% and 72% respectively, leading to more interactions and engagement with the team’s and their fans. This earned them an average increase of 243% in new followers, 166% in engagement, and 121% in impressions. The Wings' capacity to provide content to their players within minutes after games and training has significantly boosted their posting frequency, resulting in organic brand growth for both players and team as well as more engaged fans. And their organic growth resulted in a massive increase on the social value on their posts, with the team's account now being worth almost $2 million.

Now more than ever, fans care about following their team in real time and their favourite athletes on and off the court. With a centralised content hub, the Wings have become faster and more efficient at creating content and can spend more time on iteration and creativity. If we look at the type of content the Dallas Wings team account produces, collaboration posts have had a huge impact on their athletes’ branding by putting them in the spotlight. Fans are able to be redirected from the team’s profile to the athletes’ profile and vice versa, which earned Natasha Howard an almost 3000% increase in followers after a post in July.

Pinnacle of media management

More than just athlete distribution though, ScorePlay covers every media need for the club across the organisation. Over the last 3 months, they’ve uploaded over 26,000 assets (tagged and classified by ScorePlay’s AI), that have been used by 29 users from different teams as the solution has been embedded in all their media workflows. The functionalities of ScorePlay are leveraged all along the media workflow: from storage and indexation to download and distribution, leaving time for brainstorming and content creation, reflected in the number of posts.

ScorePlay accelerates their media workflows and management by immediately making all their content easily searchable and indexed. The internal team have more time to work on actually creating content, which inevitably leads to more high-quality posts. This generates more interactions and engagement, growing the brand exponentially and increasing its overall value.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay is your industry standard solution when it comes to centralising, distributing, and classifying your digital assets, whether for photos, videos, or broadcasts. We provide you with an all-in-one media hub that was truly made by sports, for sports.

The automatic tagging system and player and sponsor recognition revolutionised the way sports teams work, saving time and effort while creating seamless media workflows. This means you no longer need several different tools all along the media value chain and can immediately extract value. Fans are ready to consume more content in real-time, through social media, which creates the need for a reactive and versatile AI-powered system. ScorePlay makes it possible. A media hub built for the sports industry.

Photo credit: Dallas Wings
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