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Samy Ait-Hellal

November 28, 2022

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What’s an API?

APIs (Application programming interfaces) are mechanisms that enable two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. By leveraging APIs, SaaS products can unlock new capabilities and features, enhance their functionality, and improve the user experience.

One of the primary advantages of using APIs in a SaaS product is the ability to integrate with other software and services. By providing access to their APIs, SaaS products can allow other developers to build custom integrations and extensions that can augment their functionality and value. Another key benefit of using APIs in a SaaS product is the ability to automate processes and reduce the need for manual intervention, meaning you can automate repetitive tasks and save everyone time. In addition to integration and automation, APIs can also help SaaS products to enhance their security and protect sensitive data. By providing APIs that enable secure and authenticated access to data, SaaS products can ensure that only authorised users and systems can access and manipulate sensitive information.

ScorePlay API

ScorePlay uses the Rest API protocol. REST API can be used by multiple clients to communicate with a server. Rest API is a kind of web-service which stores and retrieves necessary data. It provides great flexibility to developers since it does not need any dependent code libraries to access the web-services, meaning it can be used by anyone and is easily accessible. The ScorePlay API is an extremely valuable feature to have not only because it allows you to use your different tools in harmony, it also underlines on one of the most important aspects for any DAM: varying user settings and permissions.

To use the ScorePlay API, all you need is your private key, which is available to you on your ScorePlay platform. Once you have entered this private key on your tool, you can easily access and manipulate everything how you would on the ScorePlay platform, meaning you can easily search for tags to view your media library, or upload media.

What does the ScorePlay API help you access?

The main benefit of the ScorePlay is to help you search for any media based on the tags you have. Whether you’re using an editing tool or a branding tool, you need the original media file which is stored on the ScorePlay platform. These files can be accessed in different ways.


In order to better match sport organisation workflows all media are classified using an events-based taxonomy logic (not in a folder hierarchy). Out of simplicity you can view one event as one folder, and each event has a set of tags associated with it to make it searchable. The event-based approach is completely customisable so you are able to create whatever event with different categories, add sports, teams, seasons, and associate it to as many or as few teams as you wish.


ScorePlay is powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence that automatically tags and classifies assets. A club's match calendar is synchronised with ScorePlay, so events and dates are immediately tagged to assets. 'Events' are already created with certain tags. When you upload to an event, every asset is automatically tagged with this information. In order to search for assets you need to pass in an array of tags. Clubs are in charge of the management of those tags, via API you can query them in order to show an autocomplete in your search bar. These tags are part of the metadata of your media assets. Put simply, metadata helps you organise your media library by adding meaning to them using keywords. It enables you to easily search through your assets, which you can then share with your stakeholders. Using these keywords, you no longer need to search through billions of folders. Photographers & content teams have been facing this problem for years: manually tagging all photos is an annoying and cumbersome task that takes way too much time for any team to be productive.

As well as the automated AI-tagging, you are able to add as many other manual tags as you please. These are also completely searchable through our system.


You can upload your edited or new assets on to your tool, which is then sent to ScorePlay using a private connection. The ScorePlay platform receives these files in a new session, and these media assets can be accessed pending validation, which is done by the users depending on your user settings.

Using the ScorePlay API makes your life simpler. You don’t have to keep on switching between your tools and your collaboration abilities reach the next level. If you have more questions or want to learn more about our API, refer to the API documentation.

Using ScorePlay: single source of truth

ScorePlay brings everything together when it comes to sports media assets: photos, short-form videos, raw videos, broadcast streams & archives. A media-hub software like ScorePlay not only allows storage of streams and archives but acts as a dynamic tool that helps every internal team work more efficiently and faster every day, and is the absolute best way to share photos and videos with a group of athletes and foster fan engagement.

ScorePlay is designed to automate manual media asset tasks to help you focus on content creation. A DAM built for the sports industry, our AI allows photos and videos to be shared directly to partners and athletes, which means they are instantly accessible. Saving time means that not only are you getting more from every creative asset in your MAM library but you’re also actively spending more time on creating the best possible digital assets to amplify your brand. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting. Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo sharing made easy, and a seamless media asset management experience.

  • AI tagging
  • Permissions management
  • Live mode via FTP
  • Easy digital collaboration features for video and photo
  • Instantaneous distribution to athletes via mobile
  • Partner access to a dedicated library of content
  • Marketplace to sell your best assets
  • Powerful analytics to track stakeholder usage

And a lot more. Start your 14-day free trial today.

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