Inter Miami CF's Social Evolution

Mariana Soares

December 14, 2023

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Inter Miami CF started using ScorePlay as their media workspace in April 2023 as they looked to upgrade their digital strategy and take advantage of key opportunities for visual storytelling.


From April to December, the team accumulated over 36K media assets on their ScorePlay platform, used 32 different internal users across the club. Their posting activity saw a remarkable increase of 168%, resulting in over 103 times more impressions (from approximately 57M to 5.9B) - the Messi effect. Engagement levels witnessed a rise, jumping from 1.2M to over 405M, establishing an impressive engagement rate of 6.87%.

Inter Miami CF’s video content was also super strong, having posted 2.5 times more videos in the same period, which contributed to an impressive 455M views across all social platforms. One of the crowd’s favourites was the collaboration post between the club’s Instagram account and Drake Callender’s profile, who was voted 2023 Defensive Player of the Year. Take a look:

It is also worth noting that the Social Value (the equivalent media value of this social post based on standard CPM (cost per mille), CPE (cost per engagement), and CPV (cost per view) rates for impressions, video views, and engagements) of the team’s social accounts escalated from around $1M to over $219M. But a part of all this success has to be attributed not only to the tools used by clubs to manage their digital assets and facilitate communication with fans but also to athlete branding: apart from the football played, the visual storytelling of athletes, at times considered idols for many, is what helps clubs and leagues strengthen their brand and grow their reach. Let’s analyse how this came into play for the team’s metrics.

Bienvenido, 1️⃣0️⃣

The timing for Inter Miami CF to adopt ScorePlay couldn’t have been better. After having a few months to use it and explore which workflows work better for them, Inter Miami did what everyone else wanted to: “Lionel Messi Signs With Inter Miami, Starting New Era for M.L.S. the New York Times wrote.

The rush to Inter Miami CF's social media platforms meant increased visibility for the Marketing and Communication team's efforts. This presented a valuable opportunity to gain more followers and impressions, but the challenging task was maintaining engagement beyond the initial hype.

The announcement post of Messi's arrival emerged as the most engaging post of the past year, accumulating over 92M projected impressions and garnering more than 100K comments. The primary jersey sponsors, such as Adidas and XBTO, undoubtedly reaped the benefits of the exposure generated by this single image, valued at over $4M. Seeing Lionel Messi’s name associated to a brand, even if indirectly, always generates online buzz - take a look at XBTO’s Google search trends and their increase over the period of Messi’s arrival:

Another example of the traction brought by having an 8-time Ballon d'Or winner is a video that until the end doesn’t showcase anything but someone graffitiing a name on a wall. Despite the minimalist approach, the video garnered over 47M views.

During July and August 2023, Inter Miami CF was the MLS team with the highest Social Value, sitting at over $164 Million (Source: Zoomph)

To sustain the positive reception of their content, Inter Miami CF recognised the importance of selecting the optimal automated workspace for their team. - and that’s why they chose ScorePlay.

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Photo Credit: Inter Miami CF
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