LAGC & building a brand

Rafael Molina Harno

November 24, 2023

photo of a golfer with both ScorePlay and LAGC's logos

How LAGC wants to transform golf

The Los Angeles Golf Club (LAGC) is poised to make a significant impact in the world of professional golf. As an inaugural member of the TGL (Top Golf League), a pro-golf league (part of the PGA Tour) set to debut in January 2025 and backed by TMRW Sports and co-founded by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. With an ambitious mission to build a world-class sports club in this new league, LAGC, under the leadership of co-founder and President Neil Hubman, has garnered the support of high-profile investors like Serena and Venus Williams, Alexis Ohanian, the Antetokounmpo brothers, Michelle Wie West, and Alex Morgan. Their approach to brand building and community engagement is looking to set a new standard in sports marketing and fan engagement

Building a Brand in a New League

From the outset, LAGC has emphasised a unique blend of community engagement and technological innovation. This is evident in their collaboration with Tisha Alyn, a former professional golfer turned media personality, as their first content creator in residence. This Creator-in-Residence Program aims to connect with local communities and enhance the fan experience by tapping into the popularity and influence of local creators.

Announcing Collin Morikawa. The right way. (Credit: LAGC)

Leveraging Technology for Fan Engagement

The crux of LAGC's strategy lies in its 'community-first' approach. An exclusive event for 'Day One' creators and influencers saw the unveiling of the team's new logo and colours. This event not only celebrated LAGC's core supporters but also solidified the club's commitment to its early fans. Attendees received customised hats featuring the new LAGC logo, marking them as integral members of the club's inner circle. Additionally, an on-site portrait session provided these fans an opportunity to be the first public faces of the club's new identity.

Utilising an AI-powered digital asset manager - ScorePlay - played a pivotal role in transforming this event into a success and crafting the stories needed. The platform and app enabled instant access to event content by using facial recognition, allowing quick sharing of the new logo and experiences on social media. This strategy amplified LAGC's reach and showcased the potential of real-time digital engagement in sports, and the power of influencer marketing in a creator economy.

Day One Dinner of Influence (Credit: LAGC)

Kayla Green, CMO at LAGC and former Head of Marketing at Angel City, highlights the benefits of a tool like ScorePlay to achieve her goals: “ScorePlay provides the solution sports has needed for years. It simplifies the creative process, allowing us to focus on building our brand and community, and ultimately giving LAGC’s fans what they want. Real authentic stories told by their favourite creators and heroes.”

The Future of Sports Marketing

By providing creators with immediate access to content, LAGC has effectively transformed its fans into active brand ambassadors. This approach, where fans create and share their own content featuring the club's logos and imagery, has driven LAGC's marketing with authentic and relatable content. Moving forward, LAGC plans to expand the use of technology like ScorePlay to ensure immediate content sharing from community events, further enhancing real-time engagement.

LAGC's innovative use of technology like ScorePlay marks a new era in sports team marketing and fan engagement. By prioritising immediate content sharing and active community involvement, LAGC is not just enhancing its brand presence but also redefining digital engagement in professional sports. As they prepare to transition from concept to reality with the launch of the league in 2025, LAGC is demonstrating the power of innovative branding and community engagement in shaping the future of new sports franchises.

Photo credit: LAGC
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