Gotham FC & Partner ROI

Mariana Soares

December 12, 2023

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After an incredible season and run in the playoffs, Gotham FC won the National Women's Soccer League championship for the first time in the club’s history. For the past 10 months, they have been using ScorePlay as their single source of truth for all things media to power their visual storytelling - spending less time on manual media tasks, and more time on creation. How did it help them grow their brand and commercial opportunities?

Flying high

Over the past year, more than 15k assets were downloaded from Gotham FC’s ScorePlay platform which is used across the organisation by more than 40 unique users.

The number of organic posts across social channels (Instagram, X & Facebook) saw a remarkable 65.80% increase. This surge was made possible by the time saved for social and digital teams, as streamlining the content indexing and categorization process allowed for more creativity and the production of higher-quality content for every channel. The key to any sports brand is the content it produces, and using the right tools gives the creatives within an organisation the time to flourish and produce the content fans want.

The results of posting more and improved content were evident. Impressions surged from 84 million to over 176 million within the same timeframe, and Gotham FC's social value, representing the full equivalent media value of their social posts, jumped from $1.4 million to nearly $3 million. A sharp rise and clear brand growth to showcase, notably for their partner brands like Algorand and CarMax.

The perfect weekend for partners

During the Playoff Final weekend, more than 40 athletes used the ScorePlay Athlete App, and over 1.6k assets were downloaded in 379 different sessions. Notably, four different internal teams simultaneously used ScorePlay across their different functions: the Digital/Social team, Communications, Marketing, and Partnerships.

ScorePlay provides teams with a seamless and collaborative workspace where every department can efficiently enhance their productivity. With the Digital team taking the lead as the primary uploader on the platform, assets flow effortlessly to all other teams. This streamlined process has allowed the Marketing team to run ads more swiftly, simplifying social media publishing, and resulting in an increased number of organic posts. Additionally, the Communications and Partnerships team can effortlessly share content with key partners, the league, broadcasters, news outlets, and more, all done automatically. This collaboration resulted in the upload of more than 120 videos and 1,315 photos over the weekend.

The download rush proved to be highly worthwhile as the team's 188 organic posts garnered over 32M impressions and 250k engagements. This translated to a social value exceeding $638k for Gotham FC, making up more than half of their social value during the playoff run. It was also a great time for a crossover between the team account and its athlete brands, facilitating a connection between both audiences and generating mutual growth. Take a glance at this collaborative post between the Gotham FC account and their Forbes Sports 30 Under 30 athlete, Midge Purce, which received over 53k likes after she was named MVP of the championship.

Furthermore, it marked the final game for Ali Krieger, Gotham FC's captain, and OL Reign’s Megan Rapinoe. This generated significant social buzz from a post on X featuring both players after the game. Garnering more than 1.9M impressions and valued at over $46K, it stood as the club's second-best performing post of the weekend. Legends of the game, and the visibility to match.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay is your best-in-class media solution that provides an automated architecture to centralise, distribute, and classify your digital assets, whether photos, videos, or live broadcasts. We are transforming sports organizations, automating their creative processes and growing their brands and unlocking new revenue. We are the bridge to the future of sports storytelling, from content capture to fan consumption. Automate. Grow. Unlock.

Photo Credit: Gotham FC
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