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Rafael Molina Harno

November 17, 2022

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Sharing photos and video content to groups of athletes is one of the easiest ways for clubs to maximise their online reach and take advantage of increasingly diverse squads with international followings. Having an easy solution to share photos and content to athletes is crucial to the marketing success of any team. Personal brands are no longer separate from the team and demand attention to add brand value to the team’s.

Athlete distribution

Branco Van Den Boomen plays as midfielder for Toulouse FC and has been with the club since 2020. He arrived from the Netherlands as only the second dutch player to ply his trade for the french club, and brings with him a new following. He was one of the first testers of the ScorePlay Athlete App after previously having years of sending WhatsApp messages and receiving Google Drive links with 5000 photos on them.

Since the start of the ScorePlay App, it has consistently improved through direct dialogue with the players and finding out exactly what they required from a content sharing app. From ease of access, to notifications, social media integrations, just like the ScorePlay platform, the app is powered by feedback. Today, we have over 5,800 professional athletes using the app to receive their photos and videos, with over 10,000 weekly media asset downloads.

Athlete app

Toulouse FC are part of ScorePlay’s history and all along the way they’ve been essential to creating a media hub that serves every need of every department within a sports organisation. One of their first requests was creating a way that not only automated distribution and sharing photos, but made it perfectly simple so that athletes had to do almost nothing in order to access their content.

QR codes answered their question. A code for every player, and once they downloaded the Athlete App, all they had to do was scan and they were immediately brought to their account and their photos. No email login, no account creation. One QR code. One minute. And all their photos and videos at their fingertips. Once a photographer uploads the content to the ScorePlay platform, and the AI tags the athletes in each photo, the cloud pushes out instant notifications to every player and they can just share to Instagram in just one click.

ScorePlay: all-in-one media hub

ScorePlay is fantastic for distribution to athletes, but it’s much more than that. We’ve built an all-in-one tool that you can use to manage all your digital assets using AI to tag athletes and partners and have a searchable library of curated content. More than that, you can collaborate on media projects, edit photos and videos, ingest live broadcast footage, clip and store clips, customise your permissions and share with 3rd parties and media.

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Photo credit: Toulouse FC
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