Freeride WT partners with ScorePlay

Rafael Molina Harno

November 23, 2022

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Freeride World Tour

The FWT is the worldwide circuit of freeride snowboarding and skiing with the best riders in the world competing on the most legendary and challenging alpine faces at the most renowned ski resorts across the world. Launched in the winter of 1996, the Verbier Extreme was originally strictly a snowboard contest. But all that changed in 2004 when ten of the world’s top two-planked freeriders were invited to participate. The event was never the same again. In 2008, it became the Freerideworldtour.

Additionally, the company also organises e-Bike events and competitions during the summer under the name of E-Bike World Tour. After a trial last summer with their E-bike tournament, they decided to revitalise their entire digital strategy and partner with ScorePlay to have an easy way to manage their photos and videos using AI, and share them easily to their athletes and partners.

Challenges faced

During tournaments with so many competitors, partners and VIPs to keep happy, it had become a nightmare to manage their media assets, and distribute them to their biggest ambassadors, the athletes, with increasingly bigger brands. Manual solutions meant wasted time and opportunities, in a short-form video world. They decided to implement the ScorePlay infrastructure that would allow them to innovate and concentrate on creation, with a tool that automates everything, from media management to distribution to their athletes.

They required a media asset management platform made specifically for the sports industry. Moreover, they wanted a solution that would offer them easy access and searchability of their content from over the years, optimising their distribution to athletes, as well as provide value to their partners and monetise their content through a marketplace. ScorePlay provided them with this all-in-one media hub that responded to all their needs.

Flachau E-Bike Festival:

  • 500+ athlete downloads
  • 4,500 media assets
  • 7.5 hours of videos
  • Hundreds of content assets and graphics

Tignes - Val D’Isère E-Bike Festival:

  • 450+ athlete downloads
  • 1,500 media assets
  • 4 hours of videos
  • Hundreds of content assets and graphics

Verbier - E-Bike Festival:

  • 950+ athlete downloads
  • 2,500 media assets
  • 8 hours of videos
  • Hundreds of content assets and graphics

The ScorePlay solution

Freeride World Tour chose ScorePlay as their official all-in-one media hub in September 2022. The solution provided them with, amongst others:

  • Automatic tagging of athletes and partners with the use of face and word detection
  • Sporting calendar integration for automated sorting and organisation
  • Live ingestion of assets with the use ScorePlay’s FTP connector directly from photographer’s camera
  • Automatic distribution to athletes and partners directly through the ScorePlay Athlete app

After being onboarded, the athletes use the ScorePlay App to get their pictures immediately after competitions and can post directly to Instagram in just one click. Their sponsors are notified of any tagged collection of assets and can access them directly through their dedicated platform.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay is the all-in-one media hub for live and archived sports content, both photos and videos. Powered by indexing-AI and a tag-based classification approach, ScorePlay provides a centralised accessibility to content by detecting faces and words, and automating distribution to the biggest ambassadors: athletes and partners.

Whether it’s managing your live workflows, editing and sharing content, organising your events, archiving your historical content, content requests or monetisation - ScorePlay offers a simple solution for your sports organisation. The only solution on the market that has been made for sports, by sports.

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Photo credit: Freeride World Tour
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