The AEC & live broadcast ingestion via RTMP

Barbara Bergeaud

May 1, 2022

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Individual sports are organised by sports organisations that represent a certain brand, and allow branded athletes to participate while being sponsored by brands. Brands, brands, brands. Bottom line is that the brand image of an individual sport cannot hold the same brand loyalty in the digital world and requires careful management.

Two birdies, one ScorePlay

The Amundi Evian Championship is a women's golf tournament played in France, and a major for both the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA Tour. The Amundi Evian Championship required a media asset management solution that would allow them to centralise, classify and distribute their photos to their athletes and partners. The classification means they would be able to create true storytelling moments, such as young prodigy Pia Babnik who won the Jabra Ladies Open in 2021, and could now be searched for easily on her return to Évian-les-Bains for the 2022 summer tournament. Essentially though, they needed a solution that would allow them to distribute assets automatically to their athletes and partners (e.g., Amundi, Evian, Jabra or Bitstamp) giving them seamless access to every tagged photo or video.

And then along came ScorePlay. 2 birdies, 1 ScorePlay. Seamless athlete and partner access for all involved. The Amundi Evian Championship was able to easily archive and classify their historical content and automate their distribution so collaboration with their stakeholders became simple. The Athlete app and partner platform meant everyone had the assets they needed to amplify their brand. To engage their fans, they make use of ScorePlay’s video clipping tool to immediately and easily create short-form content from their videos, and react on social media to key moments in their competitions and in the off-season.

During the tournament they can easily classify all their assets and crop them to the required size for specific social media (e.g., a folder for their Instagram stories or posts). Once posted, all their creative assets are kept safe exactly where they can find them again. Every partner VIP event can be easily classified into an event, and shared directly with both the relevant partner, and the numerous VIPs that act as additional ambassadors to the tournament. Whether Ralph Lauren, Veuve Cliquot, Savoie Mont Blanc or Rolex, ScorePlay makes it simple to deal with their partners, automating classification and distribution so value is provided on both sides of the partnership in equal terms.

From live ingestion to clipping

When The Amundi Evian Championship decided to switch from their previous solution, they wanted ScorePlay to cover two key video needs. We decided to craft them their custom video workflows so they could have the seamless experience they wanted. Firstly, they wanted to ingest the live broadcasts automatically in order to immediately be able to use it on their socials. ScorePlay now ingests their live broadcasts via RTMP directly into the platform, where users can view a compressed version and clip from the live feed. After each day, the broadcast quality footage can be added to library, or just clipped and discarded from the platform storage. From ingestion to clipping, ScorePlay is more than just a photo solution.

A different ecosystem

The sponsors for event organisers benefit from visibility through tournament names, broadcasting and work on socials. Powerful athlete brands such as tennis, golf or boxing offer further value to organisers’ sponsorship agreements. The sheer brand value of the top athletes (e.g., Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal) mean that partners get more value from their partnership and can benefit from the added exposure. However, the sports organisations running individual sports do not have any ownership or sway over the athletes participating, unlike in team sports where they can be traded as assets and used tactically in sponsorship agreements. Therefore, they need to showcase their own brand or tournament and be able to share the best assets with the participating athletes to amplify their reputation. During the downtime between competitions, there is a need to produce content and promote your partners and event in a bid to engage fans and provide value to maintain your brand value. During tournaments, capturing younger fans’ attention through short-form content on social media means building the fanbase (and brand value) of tomorrow. As seen above, the platform gives them a simple way to prove their value.

Furthermore, we set up a local source on the platform for their broadcasted stream, in order for them to capture and calculate the screen time of all their partners. This information can then be fed back up the line to showcase the value of partnering with The Amundi Evian Championship, on top of the consistent source of branded content.

About ScorePlay

ScorePlay isn’t just a solution for sports clubs in team sports, but offers tangible results to individual sports centred organisations such as golf, tennis or boxing. The ecosystem is different but our solutions are always tailored to our clients, so The Amundi Evian Championship can distribute to all their sponsors and continue to run one of the biggest golf majors. Efficiently.

ScorePlay offers a media asset management tool that centralises, classifies and distributes all your assets to partners and athletes. Simple, seamless, ScorePlay.

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Photo credit: The Amundi Evian Championship
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