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Rafael Molina Harno

July 11, 2022

ScorePlay Blog Thumbnail Case Study OGC Nice

Humble beginnings

Almost 14 months ago, we began contacting clubs to participate in our private beta looking to revolutionise sports media asset management. Many (cold) calls later OGC Nice became one of the first clubs to see the potential of the project. From the first meeting we knew we had made a special connection to the famous club from the beautiful city on the French Riviera. They immediately saw the utility and long term plan behind using a media asset manager:

  1. Optimise their workflows.
  2. Better their content output.
  3. Engage their fans and foster their community in the long-term.

Eagle-eyed as always.

The ScorePlay x OGC Nice fairytale began as they joined the beta as part of ten innovative clubs from France, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Chile and Australia. Our plan was always to work with sports organisations to build a product tailor-made for the industry, as no such tool existed beforehand: made for sports organisations and by sports organisations. We worked closely with Laurent Oreggia, the Media director at Nice, as well as their wider media team to understand their needs and how best the software could be developed. At first, it was merely a hosting platform for their assets, but bi-weekly meetings and constant contact around how we could help improve their workflows meant progress was inevitable.

Collaboration heaven

On top of the weekly meetings to better understand their content workflow spectrum, Nice provided us with valuable insights into how certain members of their structure did their work, and how this could be improved. Their goals are always destined towards reinforcing the relationship between club and fans, taking into account their opinions and acting on them, in terms of strategy and what they post on social media. Additionally, we visited the stadium several times to collaborate with photographers as we introduced our FTP connector feature. This allowed them to feed assets directly from camera to platform, and have the ability to edit pitch-side for immediate posting to social media from the content team.

‘We started with a simple hosting platform primarily for our photo assets, and today, we have a super complete platform that continues to be perfected to become even more complete. Sometimes small, sometimes big, but every feature comes from listening to our and other clubs’ needs’ - Laurent Oreggia, Media director at OGC Nice

Since OGC Nice started with ScorePlay, they’ve grown accustomed to using it daily, from training, to operations and obviously on matchdays to manage and classify their assets for every step of their content journey. According to their media director, they have become more efficient and the artificial intelligence has worked very well, allowing them to be more efficient and reactive on social media. The ability to push directly to their athletes through their dedicated app, has been a game-changer as they harness their players’ followings as well as their own. And if you don’t trust us, trust Laurent.

Till death do us part

ScorePlay helps organisations like OGC Nice classify their media assets with automatic AI-tagging, so they can distribute them quickly and automatically to their content team, players and sponsors. No wasted time, just creative content creation and optimised workflows. Media asset management made simple.

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Photo credit: OGC Nice
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