Mumbai Indians join ScorePlay

Mariana Soares

October 11, 2023

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We are delighted to announce that Mumbai Indians (MI) and the teams within the MI family (MI Cape Town, MI Emirates, MI in Women’s Premier League, and MI New York), will be utilizing ScorePlay to manage their proprietary content both on and off the field.

The Opportunity At Hand

MI has made a significant impact on the cricket ecosystem, being a global cricket brand and also being committed to go beyond. As part of the functioning of the team that is in season for close to 7 months across their various team, there is a myriad of content being produced, captured and delivered to a wide range of audiences. The requirement is to manage and put together a mechanism that will allow for the content to be re-purposed and leveraged through the year, both real time as well as delivered as per requirement, to continue to engage with the audiences and users.

A Winning Strategy

MI were seeking ways to enhance their existing media infrastructure and strengthen their content strategy. As a team with numerous individuals working tirelessly to create exceptional content, they recognized the need for an efficient and centralized media workflow. They required a platform that would enable them to build a new visual storytelling model with their content. That's where ScorePlay comes in.

ScorePlay will serve as their central content hub for all proprietary media. Project links will be set up before each competition, allowing the MI team to instantly share photos while being present at the stadium for ultimate collaboration. Team photographers will upload content into Live Mode, enabling the MI team to publish it in real-time on social media platforms. Additionally, montages and video packages will be curated for each player and distributed automatically through ScorePlay's athlete distribution feature. Finally, throughout the year, the social team will have access to a completely tagged and searchable library of content with all content only a few seconds away. ScorePlay will be the single repository for all content produced by MI and its teams.

MI & ScorePlay Highlights

  • The entire squad will receive their content automatically through the Athlete App.
  • Real-time access to content for sponsors through innovative AI tagging.
  • Direct publishing to Live Mode, providing the social media team with immediate access for real-time content creation.
  • Players can post content minutes after the end of a match, sharing the moments they want with their fans.
  • Year-round content production hub

About ScorePlay

The consolidation, classification, and distribution of sports media assets onto a single platform is vital for a seamless real-time experience, free from manual bottlenecks. For a long time, sports media relied on numerous tools, creating complexity in teams' workflows. Now, with ScorePlay, teams have access to a more efficient and logical way of working.

The automatic tagging system and recognition of athletes and sponsors have revolutionized the way sports teams operate, saving time and effort while creating seamless media workflows. ScorePlay eliminates the need for multiple tools along the media value chain, providing an all-in-one media hub that is truly designed for sports, by sports.

Photo credit: Mumbai Indians
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