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Dhruv Tewari

July 8, 2022

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Content sharing and distribution function as the building blocks for our digital landscape, whether it concerns photo, video or live broadcast content. With organisations and teams going more and more digital, how this digital content flows has the power to form the basis of your brand’s visual storytelling and digital strategy. Sharing photos and videos to a group should be simple.

An overview of content sharing

Put simply, digital content sharing and distribution essentially refer to the strategic distribution of content across not only the relevant social media platforms, but also to your biggest stakeholders: the athletes and the partners. With content banks growing at a rapid pace in the sports industry, easy photo and video sharing is also an important function for quick collaboration to ensure that your fans’ demand of quality content is satisfied. Sharing photos to a group of athletes immediately gives your brand more advocates that are increasing the visibility of your name.

The objective is clear: building engagement to grow your brand globally. There is an effort to be more customer-centric, and for the sports industry that means putting the fan at the heart of all your brand and marketing activities, further emphasising on the idea of quick and efficient digital content sharing.

Sharing digital content with a DAM

Demand for photos is on the rise. Everyone needs photos to tell a story about their organisation, from the marketing team to the players. Plus, you need to tell your story visually across platforms, which means photos need to be accessible to graphic designers, your web team, and your external partners and agencies. That’s a lot of people who need access to your visual assets. So how do you set your team up for successful sharing?

Email, or legacy tools like DropBox or Google Drive are not a sustainable solution when it comes to sharing files in bigger organisations, with thousands of photos in your archives that need to be organised in a manner that you can find the correct file to share at the exact moment you need it without wasting time. You need to be able to search for a digital asset and find it in seconds. Furthermore, you need a tool that takes into consideration the entire workflow, from the camera of the pitch-side photographer to the social media and marketing managers, all the way up to the partnerships team.

Having a Digital Asset Management system like ScorePlay that lets you upload high quality photos and videos while seamlessly collaborating with your colleagues and distributing the digital content to your biggest stakeholders can be a huge competitive advantage. While others are wasting time, you can share photos and videos to a group in minutes. You can also make shareable links for all your events and projects, which means sharing galleries of photos has never been easier. A possibility to invite external users to different galleries makes collaboration simple. All these events are easily searchable with the AI-automated tag system. Sharing and distributing photos to players is made possible using the ScorePlay app, with the players getting their content just seconds after it’s uploaded to the platform. You can even personalise galleries you want to share, like sharing the photos of a particular player from a particular match.

ScorePlay: a must-have for sports media teams

ScorePlay brings everything together when it comes to sports media assets: photos, short-form videos, raw videos, broadcast streams & archives. A media-hub software like ScorePlay not only allows storage of streams and archives but acts as a dynamic tool that helps every internal team work more efficiently and faster every day, and is the absolute best way to share photos and videos with a group of athletes and foster fan engagement. ScorePlay is designed to automate manual media asset tasks to help you focus on content creation.

A DAM built for the sports industry, our AI allows photos and videos to be shared directly to partners and athletes, which means they are instantly accessible. Saving time means that not only are you getting more from every creative asset in your MAM library but you’re also actively spending more time on creating the best possible digital assets to amplify your brand. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting. Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo sharing made easy, and a seamless media asset management experience.

  • AI tagging
  • Permissions management
  • Live mode via FTP
  • Easy digital collaboration features for video and photo
  • Instantaneous distribution to athletes via mobile App
  • Partner access to a dedicated library of content
  • Marketplace to sell your best assets
  • Powerful analytics to track stakeholder usage

And a lot more. We know you want it. Start your 14-day free trial today.

Photo credit: Tigres UANL
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