A guide to digital asset management

Josh Krakowsky

January 15, 2022

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What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital assets have drastically grown in importance, and digital creators and marketers need to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for quality content and respond to a constantly evolving marketplace. This is where digital asset management (DAM) comes in.

Digital asset management allows you to increase operational efficiencies and gives you time to focus on what matters - creativity. DAM systems help organisations to store, organise, find, retrieve and share their entire digital content inventory from a centralised hub. Easy classification and distribution ensures that managing digital assets is not a mindless task. Quick media asset sharing leads to collaboration which further leads to quality content being pushed out. Digital asset managers come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the organisation. Most DAMs go beyond basic file sharing, helping organisations reduce inefficiencies across the entire digital content lifecycle and improving media management workflows. Digital asset management softwares can automate the mindless and menial tasks and save your teams countless hours.

Benefits of a DAM

  • Improving operational efficiencies:

Digital assets are readily accessible across the organisation and facilitate group and remote collaboration among team members, a must-have as teams are going more digital than ever. It also minimises the risk that outdated content is recycled. It’s easy to manage assets as all digital assets are archived and retrieved when needed.

  • Increased productivity:

Thanks to a DAM there’s no time wasted looking for digital assets, meaning marketers and designers can spend time working on the correct versions, and putting out the highest quality of digital content and assets.

  • Permissions and digital rights management

DAM systems enable organisations to keep track of who has access to what information and ensure compliance with internal policies, whether through embargoes, time-sensitive digital assets or others. Permissions management is essential when it comes to digital content and is easily enforceable according to the roles different team-members play in an organisation, to control who has access to what digital asset.

  • Reduced costs:

Digital assets are available at any time from any location and on any device, meaning you can work on them when needed on the DAM system. Digital asset managers not only mean your team is more efficient, because they don’t need to spend time looking for, or sharing photos and videos, but the lack of extra work and resources saves money.

DAM in the Sports Industry

Sports is a fast-paced industry, with clubs and organisations needing to get digital assets and content on the market as quickly as possible to engage fans, with social media teams needing to be more creative and quicker than ever before while managing assets and adapting to ongoing trends. More so than ever, sports organisations need an efficient digital asset manager to work with photographers and agencies, while also having an efficient distribution system for their athletes and partners.

No limits file-sharing, unlimited users for collaboration, large file storage and content accessibility features are non-negotiable when it comes to the sports industry if an organisation wants to grow its online brand and enable its visual storytelling, and that’s where we come in.

ScorePlay: a must-have for sports media teams

ScorePlay brings everything together when it comes to sports media assets: photos, short-form videos, raw videos, broadcast streams & archives. A media-hub software like ScorePlay not only allows storage of streams and archives but acts as a dynamic tool that helps every internal team work more efficiently and faster every day, and is the absolute best way to share photos and videos with a group of athletes and foster fan engagement. ScorePlay is designed to automate manual media asset tasks to help you focus on content creation. A DAM built for the sports industry, our AI allows photos and videos to be shared directly to partners and athletes, which means they are instantly accessible. Saving time means that not only are you getting more from every creative asset in your MAM library but you’re also actively spending more time on creating the best possible digital assets to amplify your brand. Every user can easily browse the photos or videos they need and incorporate them seamlessly into whatever story they are crafting. Storytelling simplified, collaborative photo sharing made easy, and a seamless media asset management experience.

  • AI tagging
  • Permissions management
  • Live mode via FTP
  • Easy digital collaboration features for video and photo
  • Instantaneous distribution to athletes via mobile
  • Partner access to a dedicated library of content
  • Marketplace to sell your best assets
  • Powerful analytics to track stakeholder usage

And a lot more. We know you want it. Start your 14-day free trial today.

Photo credit: West Ham United & San Diego Wave
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