Volleyball World CMS Integration

Rafael Molina Harno

June 22, 2023

Volleyball World Integration thumbnail case study

Volleyball World covers thousands of volleyball & beach volleyball matches all over the world. They needed a solution to be able to centralise, tag, and distribute content quickly and efficiently to players, rights-holders, Volleyball federations, media and sponsors. But more than that, they needed a solution that would build custom workflows for them so no matter their bottleneck, ScorePlay could make it seamless.

Seamless CMS integration

ScorePlay covers over 2100 volleyball matches for Volleyball World, and the updates from these matches need to get to the over 700 million volleyball fans worldwide. Before ScorePlay, they had no way of automatically updating their website so that match reports had live photos that were accurate to the game. That meant hours of manual labour that wasted the time of the most creative people in their organisation. They would have to double upload all their assets onto both their ScorePlay-equivalent platform, and their CMS. Any content they were putting on the website had to be downloaded and then re-uploaded onto the website. With that many matches, it just wasn’t possible to do it properly.

Now, ScorePlay integrates automatically with their Deltratre CMS so all the relevant content uploaded on ScorePlay is also present in the CMS’ media library. When their creative team is writing blogs or adding news pieces, all they need to do is access their internal media library to use the content from the ScorePlay platform. Moreover, we’ve also added an extra layer to give them two additional features. Firstly, we’ve attached metadata to the files going towards the CMS with tournament information, player information and more in a .json file, so that they are able to search seamlessly for content as they would on ScorePlay. Finally, this allows them to create automatic rules that populate the CMS. That means that match reports can be populated automatically and player profiles can be updated automatically right after media days. And all this with the appropriate permissions so no content that VBW deems private makes it onto their website - thanks to our advanced permissions system.

Automatically populated

Automated workflows mean saved time. They mean better content. They mean better engagement. They mean organic brand growth. That’s what ScorePlay gives you.

Workflow geeks

The centralisation, classification and distribution of sports media assets needs to be consolidated on a single platform for a seamless real-time experience free of manual bottlenecks.  But that goes for every other aspect of your media workflows too. At ScorePlay, we pride ourselves on having become media workflows nerds. Every time we meet a new client in the industry, we want to create a tailored experience that makes their life easier, and their media workflow more simple. We did it with Volleyball World for WSC Sports, we did it with Wolves and Azzuu, and with Opta for the Swiss Football League.

We understand that sports organisations have become media companies, so we treat your media, and you, the way you deserve. Start your free trial today and join 100+ sports organisations revolutionising how you deal with media assets.

Photo credit: Volleyball World
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