How to collect and share files with ScorePlay

Josh Krakowsky

March 2, 2022

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Efficient file collection and sharing are crucial for sports teams, and ScorePlay's digital asset management solution offers a streamlined approach. In this article, we delve into the various methods provided by ScorePlay for collecting and sharing files, empowering teams to optimise their content management processes. With AI-powered organisation and automated distribution, collaboration becomes seamless.

Versatile Content Collection Methods

ScorePlay offers versatile content collection methods to cater to different scenarios. FTP photographer upload allows secure and direct transfer of files from photographers. Manual upload enables team members to contribute files effortlessly. External parties can upload content through shareable content collection links, simplifying external collaboration. While, direct integration with broadcast RTMP servers enables real-time collection of live content. The Athlete App's content requests feature allows athletes to submit content seamlessly. With ScorePlay's diverse collection methods, teams can ensure a continuous flow of content from various sources.

AI-Driven Organisation and Tagging

ScorePlay's AI-powered organisation revolutionises content management. Once files are collected, the system automatically analyses and tags them with relevant metadata. This eliminates the need for manual tagging and categorisation, saving time and effort. Files are intelligently organised, making it easy to locate specific assets within the platform. The AI tagging feature enhances searchability and allows for efficient content repurposing. With ScorePlay, sports teams can focus on their core activities while the platform handles the organisation and tagging of their content.

Automated Distribution for Efficient Sharing

ScorePlay simplifies file distribution through automated processes. After files have been tagged with AI, they can be automatically distributed to athletes, partners, or other users within the platform. This ensures that relevant stakeholders have immediate access to the content they need. Additionally, ScorePlay enables the creation of shareable links for external sharing. This feature allows teams to easily share content with external parties such as media outlets, sponsors, or fans. With automated distribution and shareable links, ScorePlay facilitates efficient and seamless file sharing, enhancing collaboration among sports teams and their partners.

ScorePlay's digital asset management solution provides sports teams with efficient file collection and sharing capabilities. By offering versatile content collection methods, AI-driven organisation, and automated distribution, ScorePlay streamlines collaboration and simplifies content management processes. With ScorePlay, sports teams can focus on creating compelling content and maximising the value of their digital assets.

Photo credit: Portland Thorns & West Ham
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