Alternative to Google Drive.

ScorePlay makes the lives of marketing and commercial teams seamlessly more productive by utilizing AI to organize, analyze, and distribute content with internal and external stakeholders.

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Lost in the process

Everybody has used Google Drive at one point in their life. It's fine for a school project - but not for a business. Only a superhuman can maintain a clean and up to date Google Drive while staying sane. At ScorePlay, we thrive on making a clean, easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that anybody can use with no headache.

The endless search

Have you ever tried to find a photo using the Google Drive search bar? The answer is probably no, because you will never find what you're looking for. ScorePlay uses tags attached to photos and videos to make asset research as easy as can be.

Distribution is pain

Sure, Google Drive allows you to store, share and even collaborate. But let's be honest: it's the worst. You are always asking for permissions, losing track of who commented what or even which version is the right one. With ScorePlay, distribution is automatic, collaboration seamless and with versioning, you can follow your asset from start to finish.

No Artificial Intelligence

The key word at ScorePlay is automatic. We thrive on making your lives easier by putting automatic tagging and distribution workflows in place. Our AI recognises logos and players, tagging each photo and video automatically. No human needed.