Frequently asked questions

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How does the free trial work?

You can test the platform and App for 14 days with no strings attached. Since we want to give you the full experience during this period of time, our team will help you step by step to discover all the features available for you to.
Unlock the full potential of your media. Start your free trial now.

Can you help me with my platform?

We have put together a gallery of tutorial videos available on your platform to help you get settled. Check the "Help Center" tab in the menu on your platform for more information.
If it's not enough, you can always reach out via the chatbot, we're always available!

How does the App work?

Once you have started uploading your photos and videos on the platform, it's time to speed up your distribution. We developed the App to create an automatic, easy to use channel between your organization and the players. Once the players have downloaded the app, all they need to do is scan their team's QR code (available on the platform in the Distribution > Mobile App section) and select their profile to receive their own media. That's it!

How much access does a Partner have to my Media Library?

We have created multiple ways to share media with club Partners. At any point, you can manage Partner settings to ensure the right access is granted. This includes sharing or unsharing media at any time.
Three Ways to Share with Partners
1. Partners receive media automatically every time they are tagged in a photo or video.
2. Clubs manually select and share media with Partners.
3. Partners sharing is turned off, but logo tagging remains on for internal club use.

How much does ScorePlay cost?

Let's talk! Reach out to us so we can show you the tool and talk about your needs.

What about my archives?

Let's talk! We know this is a key element for many clubs and organization, schedule a meeting with our team so we can understand your needs. 

How can we help?

Thank you! We will send you an email to schedule the demo and give you access to the platform.
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