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Newsbridge provides a complete tool for managing your media assets, whether it's archives, rushes or live streams. As well as multiple upload sources and real-time collaboration, Newsbridge allows you to invite external users to give them the permissions you decide on. Newsbridge make it easy to download assets and you can use clipping tools to only download the videos you need, while their mobile app allows you to post to social media in one click. Newsbridge's AI meanwhile is useful for detecting audio as well as visual content, to create a transcript directly on their platform. Finally, Newsbridge's content monetisation features allow you to invite content buyers to clip and collect your assets, so you can turn a profit on your assets. However, Newsbridge has not been built with sports organisations in mind, which makes it adapting to your workflows more difficult. If the shoe fits … but what if it doesn’t?

  • Audio and visual AI that saves you time and classifies assets
  • Mobile app gives access to media hub on your smartphone
  • Media marketplace allows you to monetise your content
  • Not made specifically for sports organisations


ScorePlay is a fresh solution. It provides features sport organisations truly need to maximise their digital workflows. We know from experience that sports clubs have traditionally struggled to store, manage, distribute, and otherwise use their content in a scalable way that amplifies their brand. Our platform has an easy-to-use interface that makes managing assets incredibly simple. With ScorePlay, all of the weight that was traditionally on digital team members’ shoulders to organise the storage of assets has now been lifted: time, resources etc.

ScorePlay's AI auto-tags all your assets and archives, and has a powerful search engine for all tags (player, event, partner, date, photographer etc). FTP connectors allow for live photos to be fed directly into the platform, which can then be validated by an admin. Meanwhile, calendar integration means all your events (games, matches, tournaments etc.) are linked directly to the platform and ready to be populated with assets. Automated distribution channels through our apps allow you to share content directly with your athletes and partners, to leverage your ambassadors' influence and improve your sponsorship package. Organisations can now sign up to have fan engagement tools through a unique link-in-bio, analytics on their media’s performance, permissions management and player generated content, all within the same tool. Even better yet, the ScorePlay team is constantly updating the solution to make sure we remain best-in-class for sports organisations.

  • Built with sports clubs for sports clubs
  • Mobile app to automatically deliver content to athletes
  • All-in-one solution from management to content delivery to analytics
  • AI tagging creates a compounding effect of an organised library over time with minimal effort

The bottom line

Clearly ScorePlay and Newsbridge have similar media asset management solutions when it comes to media hubs and mobile distribution apps for athletes, with their AI making searching and archiving easy. Newsbridge does have an upper-hand with their audio-AI capabilities, however they lack when it comes to being the perfect solution for sports organisations. ScorePlay has been designed, and continues to be updated, based on feedback from professionals within the sports, whether for management, distribution or monetisation. This makes them very hard to compete with, as the close relationships they have with sports organisations mean they are always ready to implement a new feature to satisfy their latest need.

There’s a reason why sports organisations are choosing ScorePlay over other solutions in the space. Game recognises game. Just ask West Ham United, AS Monaco, Orlando City or 1. FC Köln.

  • 14-day free trial.

  • Personalized onboarding.

  • Dedicated customer service representative.

  • Access to all features.

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